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March 08, 2008



With your love of beasties, I recommend the Galapagos Islands. There is no other place like it for wildlife viewing. Closer to home, I'd recommend Yellowstone National Park.



might I suggest Death Valley? Yes, it is a major drive, and yes it is a couple hours away from The Bad Place, however it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The photography opportunities (i'll bet a lot of wildflowers are starting to bloom) are endless and it's got some neat museums too. there's also a neat town nearby called Trona and it has one of the largest mineral mining operations in the country, some very unique photographic opportunities await you there too!


well, we know we can scratch L.A. off your list... how about someplace warm and exotic? Fiji, Tahiti? Rio??? - knowing you, you'll hang out on the farm with Tater, which is what I would do...

Edmund F

How about (probably another) visit to the National Postal Museum in DC? Weather will be a bit rainy, but should be in the mid to lower 50's.

How about the Spam Museum in Austin? Oh wait that's Austin Minn, not Texas.

Speaking of Texas,you could see the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere , the world's largest concrete water tower and the World's Largest Killer Bee.

I've been checking out for underpublished attractions.


Edmund F

Sorry one more thing.
Houston Texas has the National Museum of Funeral History.

Eric Leckey

Well, bean
I was so impressed last year when i went to Croatia. I have been all over Europe. And the best way I can describe Croatia is, its Italy on half the budget. Great food wonderful people, similar architecture, culture and sights. But here's the best thing... NO PEOPLE. Croatia goes largely unnoticed by travelers, meaning no lines at museums eat at restaurants with locals, and not having to deal with people from Germany, who we all know are just scouting things out to try and take over again.
Well that's where I'd go


Is this a solo trip? Because if it is, I would
be glad to take my vacation and head up to your neck of the woods and offer your dear wife any help around the house she may need.
If she's going with you then never mind.

Vic Rattler


[ b ] e c k e r

hey bean, last year my GF at the time and i took a road trip from the bad place, and headed out route 66 for a photo safari. check it:

along the way, we went to chloride, hackberry and oatman (all near kingman, AZ). we also went to fridge-henge near santa fe, and ended up in taos.

lots of killer photo ops.

[ b ]


The best time to go to Ottawa is in Feb during the Winterlude Festival. You can ice skate on the Rideau canal, eat poutine, and look at giant ice sculptures. It's really cool. (Plus anything that had "lude" in it's name can't be all bad.

Kings Fan

Not sure if you've been there before, but, with the start of the baseball season upcoming, what about the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY? It's in upstate NY, so it might be a liitle cold, but it's absolutely beautiful there and I think you would have an awesome time. If young Donna is joining you, then how about a stop-over at Niagra Falls and renew your wedding vows. There's something for both of you.

me! =)

Well, What about Arkansas? My mom & her friend are actually going in about a month to go to their National park where they can search for diamonds..... See, you could kill 2 birds with one "stone"- do something out of the ordinary & bring home a gift to Donna! And I bet there are lots of other things to do in the state as well!

But I wouldn't be shocked if you have already done Arkansas! Just remember to take a Tater pic wherever you do go that way we wil still have TGITTF!

me! =)


I had an amazing time in Peru and highlight recommend it. Spend some time in Cuzco (get adjusted to the altitude) and then check out Maccu Picchu. Cuzco is beautiful and the people are incredibly nice.

I don't know if they have any roadside attractions besides Peruvians, but it's worth a trip.


Florida keys. Great time of year to be in the islands. Great food. Scenic drives. Sunshine. Lots of history and interesting places to visit. And that amazing bridge out of Marathon. Key West is cool if you avoid the tourist traps.

Raul offers trips up and down torando alley during certain times of the year. I'm not sure if it begins in March or May though. Anywho they take you where tornadoes are expected to form as well as severe thunderstorms producing golf ball to baseball size hail.

I am a big fan of meteorology and its extremes.

Have a good vacation...perhaps go on a drive to purchase a new cow for your farm...that is if its not too soon


Costa Rica. Great weather (currently in the 80s [Fahrenheit] in most cities), incredible wildlife, politically stable, not too expensive -- and one of the most wired countries in the world, so blogging shouldn't be a problem.

If you're really curious, I can send you a link to some recent Costa Rica photos... there's some great stuff if you look past the heads of random Rose's Family members. (Note Rose's absence. Not that she's bitter. Much.)


How about North Carolina? Now, I believe you have some connections to NC, and perhaps it's time to visit again. In viewing the temps for next week, the 60's. Trees are budding and blooming. Daffodils, tulips are popping up all over. Why, in Raleigh (where I am) we have our lovely capitol, museums, and just a nice pace that is just right for taking it easy on a vacation. Duke University is 25 minutes away, with the gardens, architecture. The American Tobacco Complex (also in Durham) is converted to business space, but it's where all those cancer sticks (specifically Lucky Strikes) were made up until the early 70's.

Anyway, I can write some more,but I'll rest for a bit. As a former native Southern Californian, now living in NC, I can say it's the best decision I made.

Let me know if you would like a tour of our fair state.

Have a great weekend Bean and Donna (and all the children)!


Steve Schroeder


Marfa, TX!

It's a small town in West Texas known for MYSTERY LIGHTS! THE MARFA LIGHTS!

Also known for having a disproportionately large art community.

It's also near cool things like Fort Stockton and Big Bend National Park.

I had some friends just spend some time there and they loved it so much.


Florianópolis. An island at the southern coast of Brazil. And if you come, contact me.

I know your currency is now worth less than bananas, but I can get you lodging and all necessary things for a marvelous vacation for almost no cost.


Come spring break my little family is taking the highway east to the Grand Canyon. I know it doesn't compare to Macchu Piccu or the Galapagos, but there is nothing like the family road trip. 8 hours in the car with an angry teen with no cell phone reception- can't wait... Another CA road trip that is actually pretty cool is a tour of the state missions. You can travel almost the whole coast of the state & see lots of cool stuff along the way.

Tim Loya


You should travel to Bisbee,AZ., then travel to Tombstone, Sedona, and then stay in Flagstaff, and from there go to the Grand Canyon and travel to the less visited North Rim side of the Grand Canyon. Then go take pictures in the Monument Valley,Four Corners Area. I did this and had a blast and I live in the Bad Place


Prince Edward Island...and before you go you can watch Anne Of green gables...i think you would just love it bean...right up your alley ;)


Bean, Need I remind you of Sheep World in New Zealand?


The dollar is a little stronger there, and the weather should be beautiful right about now.


I think you should go to the finish of the Iditarod. Lots of fun. Right up your alley since its very cold. You will be right in time for the first dog to cross the finish line.


How about New Zealand? Lots of friendly folk, great eats, rugby, sheep, jet boating, sheep, hobits, World's largest squid, sheep, and that Northern feel you crave, only in the Southern Hemisphere. (Bonus! anti-clockwise drain whirlpools) I enjoyed my visit and look forward to returning soon.



I didn't read all the comments, so I don't know if soeone has already mentioned this or if you have already been. But Arizona is nice and warm. When is it a bad time to see the Grand Canyon? You have probably been, but it's just as beautiful going back a second time as the first, and if you haven't been, you are seriously missing one of the most amazing sites. No I'm not trying to pimp my home town. I live a few hours from the bad place in the evil place, so it's just from my experience. :)


Three words for you - Albuquerque, New Mexico. Home of the World's Longest Tram (and my high school)!


Having been to both Helsinki and Ottawa, I would highly recommend Helsinki. It was amazing, truly different than any other European city I've visited. There's a great hotel right on the harbor. It overlooks the market, and right across the street you can board a ship/ferry to Tallin, Estonia or Stockholm or St Petersburg, Russia. Plus, Ottawa has had record snowfall this winter.

Johnny Socko

New Mexico or Bust! I know you've visited the Land of Enchantment before, but there is always more to see.

It's a shame you missed the Leap Year Birthday Festival in Anthony, NM (which shares the state border with Anthony, TX). It's allegedly the world's largest organized gathering of people born on February 29th!

Oh well, back to Carlsbad Caverns. At least it's always 57 degrees in there, no matter what the season.


What about the Painted Desert or Lake Powell? The photographic opportunities are unlimited in either place and they are the perfect places to unwind and recharge. Now might be the perfect time before they get too crowded or too hot.


I gotta second the motion on Croatia. My wife and I went to Dubrovnik last fall and it was fantastic. Good currency exchange, good beer, cool people who value your tourist dollar plus some amazing sites.

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