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March 25, 2008



I will be at the Coliseum game can't wait! Last I heard it was 125,000 people with standing room only left

Edmund F

I like Dan Berns. He has another song called God Says No, which I enjoy very much.

Thanks God for Baseball.

Go Angels.


I recently purchased a high def tv and have to admit I have been really looking forward to the start of the baseball season . . .

Go Angels!


Yeah, MLB without Barry Bonds.

Go Dodgers!!


Raul, you're so lucky. I put my chance to go on the hands of my coworker and it never worked out, so I'm not going. Sadly. Have fun.

I hope Bonds doesn't get signed.


Oh yeah Beano -

-Ceremonial first run around the bases by 10-year old Ben Comer of Renton. Go Ben

-Presentation of Awards: Ted Walsh, MLB Equipment Manager of the Year Go Ted

-Go Rangers !


I am surprised that you aren't following the WHL teams up in your area Bean. The Tri-City Americans just won the division title and there is all kinds of exciting hockey being played up there.

It is so much better than the "hurry up and wait" of baseball. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a baseball game as much as the next guy that needs his sleep...Hockey is just better.


Go A's and maybe a small go angels!

brother john

It's not really baseball season until the Boys of Summer leave Florida, the Marlins excepted of course.
I stare out the window at a bleak landscape,leafless trees, gray skies. How sweet it is to know that soon I'll watch twenty minutes of action crammed into a four hour game. I'll work on my tan in the upper deck and for a while - all will be right with the world. You can't get that at a hockey game.


Thanks to the A's blowing it today, they are already 1 game back. If the season ended today, there would be a 3-way tie for 1st place in the AL West! Hope the Angels win the coin flip! =)

Laker Fan

For those of you who bitch about the length of the games, don't go and don't watch them! No one's forcing you to watch.

One of the only games with no time limit. Taking your kids to a game, teaching them the finer points of playing, not much better than that!


I was there at the Coliseum in May 1959. It is still the largest crowd to ever witness a professional baseball game. The event was Roy Campanella Night, an exhibition fund raiser to honor the injured former catcher. The attendance was announced as 93,103. I was 11 years old and sitting in the 75th row the players on the field looked like ants, except everyone got real excited when the ant in the wheelchair rolled to the mound.

Fred G.

I looked for you in Arizona last week. I went to 3 games in 24 hours.

Go Dodgers!


Well, thanks for posting it! I do love me some Dan Bern; his annual crop of baseball songs almost makes up for his recent determination to sound exactly like Bob Dylan. Everyone should go see him (Dan Bern, not Bob Dylan - though you could see him, too) when he comes to your town.

Okay, MLB, here's why no one's hiring Barry Bonds: The guy clearly doesn't want to be out on the field, so that eliminates the National League. All the AL teams seem to be pretty satisfied with their current DHs. When a team like the Royals gets really desperate around August, then we'll see how badly he really wants to play.

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