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March 14, 2008



I was playing with my Bulldog Burbank the other day and he likes to bring the ball back to my feet then guards it and grawls if I start moving to grab it. If I ignore him, he starts picking up the toy and hitting me with it.

BTW, Chin Ho is the first dog I have ever seen with a fade haircut and highlights


Thanks for the photos of the family. Given that my blog is named after my dogs, I must plead guilty too.


I forgot about all your other dogs! They're all so cute. Do you think they're all plotting against Tater around this time? And I'm also guilty of naming my blog for my dog.


OH MY GOD! My dog plays with a ball too. And then guess what? He drops it for me. And I pick it up and throw it, and then guess what? He brings it back again!! WOWSERS!! Isn't that great? But I don't have a blog. Should I start one? How do I do that?


Our Jack Russell loves her squeaky soccer ball, she had a green one, but it didn’t bring out the ire that a black and white squeaky soccer ball does (aren’t dogs color blind?). She HATES the squeaker inside the ball; any toy with a squeaker inside is destined to be torn to sheds. We have to keep my daughter’s rat away from her because it squeaks. She will gladly bring back the ball once thrown (it’s all in the hunt, not the kill) my favorite part is after the second or third toss it’s covered in warm dog slobber.

cathy g.

I think that Tater Fridays would have to be the highlight of my week.... too cute!



Is it ever sunny where you live?


Bean how many acres is the farm? and Chin Ho is the least asthetically pleasing dog in the where is the vacation going to be ? Macedonia ? Iran ? Angola ? Cuba ?

Fred G

How come only dogs under 13 get a nickname? Or does Chin Ho translate into something else?


I had no idea Tater had so many siblings. I kinda thought she was the only dog. Glad to see your brood. Any cats?


Tater Tot is cute, but I love Santa's Little Helper!


bean, as much as others torture, berate, and make fun of you, one would think that your blog sucks. oh no, on the contrary--it RULES. love the dogs and totally love you!

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