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March 22, 2008



its snowflake stupid


I didn't get snowflake either. It always takes me forever to either figure them out or not figure them out at all!

Bill Prigge

Here is a link to a picture of an obvious plate but the frame is the punchline. The frame reads "I always get the last word".

My plate on my 1969 Bronco is 69 BRCO because the only way to get the number 69 on a plate in CA is to have a vehicle from 1969.


My hubby and I have personalized plates on our cars. One is INTUB8 for his career, I have CHZGRL for my nickname and our SUV has SL QUESO (espanol and break it el queso). I get frustrated when I can't figure out personalized plates on other cars. My all time fave that I've seen is IMADORK.


I have XAPE POD - yes, a slight 'Star Wars' reference there; but I do own an Escape... I grew up on "Hooked on Phonics" anyway. BTW,I'm shocked you don't have "TOTSDAD"


Yeah... Snow Flake... wow.


I'm betting it's snoph lick.


Hey Bean, I completely understand about the personalized license plates. I have one that's pretty clear. ATHYIST. The only reason I had to spell it that way is because someone in the San Francisco area already had the correct spelling of ATHEIST.

If it's too hard to figure out, you're doing it wrong.


When personalized plates first came out in the late seventies I remember my Mom reading an article about how some, not so appropriate plates, had been issued and immediately pulled once someone at the DMV figured out they said, the example given was a plate that read FAA Q…my mom just keep repeating FAA Q…FAAQ trying to get her head around its meaning, once she figured it out she turned a shade of red I’ve yet seen repeated in nature

Rob Perkins

I don't get the need for a personalized plate? What the hell is wrong with the one that the DMV gives's just a license plate...who cares about you and what you do, where you work, the music you like etc etc? Can someone please explain to me why they decided to get a personalized plate? I'm serious - why did you do that?

Outside Observer

I thought it was snowfolk.

Outside Observer

Hey, that's my friend Amy Stark's car!

Outside Observer

Wait, I don't have a friend named Amy Stark. Weird, huh?


Personalized plates are so polarizing for me. On the one hand, I love mine - XTRMK9S(extreme canines) - because my husband and I do dog sports like agility and herding with our dogs. But on the other hand, other people's plates make me nuts trying to figure them out!!

To Ken

Why do you let it bother you that people get personalized plates? It is their money...maybe the fact that you post comments on a blog drives other people to

Laker Fan

$100 to anyone who can figure out mine:


I have only had 1 person come up to me and tell me what it means.

Anyone U.S.A.

Hey "Laker Fan,"

If you are going to have a personalized plate that no one can figure out then what is the point?

Why not save the money and just get a regular plate that means nothing instead?

Laker Fan

Hey "Anyone USA" - because it means something to me. That's why its called "personalized". It's personal. Get it??? Plus, it's only like $25/year.

Rob Perkins

To Ken

It bothers me that people get personalized plates because it smacks of 'Hey everyone, look at me..I'm special..I have my own license plate...the one from the DMV wasn't special enough for me.'

I dunno - maybe I need to let it go but everytime I see one, and especially one I can't figure out it bothers me.

If my blog postings confuse you then you can share in my frustration. ;-)

michelle k

a good one i once saw was H8MYXWF. brutal but funny!

Mr. Mustachio

I've always thought that they should give everyone plates that are easy to identify. That way when somebody tries to commit a crime with a vehicle it is easier to remember the information. For example:

911: "911. What's your emergency?"
Me: "Yes, somebody just crashed into my car and left the scene."
911: "What type of vehicle was it?"
Me: "Some kind of Honda."
911: "Did you get the license plate information?"
Me: "Yes, it is IAMASIAN."
911: "Remain calm sir, the police will be in pursuit shortly."

It would be so much harder to remember something like 2XG8L95

C. H.

It's Snow Flake my man.

Darren Knowles

I love you BEAN. Keep doing the Lords' work!!


I don't know how the people who call it snowflake can be so certain. Snow Phallic seems much more likely to me.

Julius Marx

I was hoping that one was "Snow Folk" as in "That's just the kind of people we are... SnoPhlk!"

Growing up (and still today) both my parents are HAM radio operators (dad really is.. mom begrudgingly is... as am I) and they both have personalized licensed plates of their call signs. Dad's is K5LAD... doesn't really look like anything... but mom's is: WA5SNU.
I remember as a lad driving her car and seeing people behind me from the the rear view mirror trying to sound it out and decipher it. "Whaaassss neew?" "Whaaaa fiiiivenuuuu?"

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