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March 01, 2008


brother john

While I shudder to think of you as president, I could support Donna for first lady or Tater for first dog. The White House has a huge fenced in yard. You could bring all the chillun.


Your post did not say if McCain was born on a military base or in a civilian hospital? It could make a difference since a base may be considered US soil like, I believe, an embassy is.

Or, more likely, I could be completely wrong.

Regardless, McCain will complain that the Dems or Huckabee are being petty, while his team is busy researching whether someone with a foreign sounding name is ineligible for President.


Wow! Very interesting...I had no idea that McCain wasn't born in the States...why no one has brought this up boggles my mind.


Please, oh please, don't let this be a fight that the Democrats pick. Go after him for being as old as Noah, but not because he was born in Panama. And how dumb would it be to question the eligibility of the son of military service member? I would say the Democrats wouldn't be stupid enough to pick this fight, but that is never a sure bet. Stupid political parties...

Vic Rattler

The moment I heard this I thought of you. If the law says "a natural born citizen" I can't see it ruling him out. He was a citizen at birth, no former allegiances.

I disagree with your two possible sources though, any challenge will come from some technicality focused individual or small group (not as a front, would be uncovered.) It wouldn't look very good for the Democratic nominee to try to essentially run unopposed.

In the end I suspect that, much like with Goldwater, people will find other reasons to not vote for him. Here's to the next hundred years.


Is it any wonder apathy is such a strong fiber woven into our political system. Do you think
I could still write-in Pat Paulsen for president? I'm just axin'.


A friend of mine is in the same situation as you and McCain... born to military stationed abroad. She and I literally discussed this about 15-20 years ago, and I can tell you she's absolutely under the impression that she's eligible to run for president.


I work for the department of state, and to the above poster, a US base overseas is NOT considered American soil, and neither is an embassy or consulate, at least not for the purposes of citizenship. McCain did, however, attain derived citizenship from his parents by virtue of them being US citizens at the time of his birth. The fact that he was born in the Canal Zone in 1936 simply means that any retention or transmission requirements that might have been required for citizenship do not apply (see 7FAM 1131.9), as long as he was legitimized, meaning his parents were married at the time of his birth (current law 303b of INA). The court battle, if there is one, is whether attaining citizenship at birth is equivalent to "natural-born citizen."


Man, Bean...think of how differently your life could have turned out if you had decided long ago that you WERE eligible to run for President. The mind boggles.

Vic Rattler

Thanks for that info Steve-O.

Adam Villani

Commenter Steve-o is correct. *However*... I've heard that Panama considers anyone born in the Canal Zone to also be a Panamanian citizen. What if he goes there on a diplomatic mission and gets drafted into the Panamanian army?

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