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March 27, 2008



I remember this story well. My parents had just dropped my grandmother off at the Portland International Airport on the same day DB Cooper hijacked his flight. Most people have suggested he must have died when he parachuted out of the plane because they think it would be impossible to never get caught for the crime. A little piece of me has always hoped he got away with it.



I opened a mustard museum in Washington state, come visit sometime.



That was a really interesting story! Thanks Bean!


Did you check out the list of missing people at the bottom? Kind of an interesting tangent for the reader.


This would never happen nowadays. People would rush him and take him down. DB Cooper would be toast.

Michael Soto

Sweeet! No joke, I ditched classes yesterday and stayed on campus to just go online and for some reason i just decided to look up DB Cooper on Wikipedia. I spent well over an hour going from sight to sight reading theories. It was an afternoon well spent.
Keep it up, Brother Bean

cathy g

that is really interesting.... i had not heard of that incident. i love a good mystery.

look at that picture. are you sure that you are not DB Cooper. Add your skater dude hair and a decade or so and it is so YOU!!

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