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April 02, 2008



Bean, really? There is an article on about the sex lives and murderous tendencies of wild octopuses and you blog about this? Usually I am in sync with, and truly appreciate, the eccentric nature of your blog subjects (I went to wikipedia to read more about the hijacking and still look at what the gummi bears are doing everyday) but this morning it was just a bit too much this early in the morning and I had just finished breakfast. Still, I love reading your blog and can't wait until tomorrow morning.


I guess this confirms that there is a fetish for everything

brother john

Back in the day, we didn't have magazines to bring blood and gore to our doorsteps in a clean brown wrapper. We had to go out and get our hands dirty, do our own stalking and killing.
Kids today have it too easy.


What is wrong with people.


My brother's girlfriend just graduated from mortician school. She is a cute girl and the whole converstaion just stops when she tells people what she does for living. The best part are the gross stories she has shared with us. I think I am going to send her a link to this. She may become a columnist. Bean, you are always such a great source of info.


dude no...what is wrong with you? This in no way enhances the flavor of my breakfast you bastard!


what a disappointment!! everyday i get my lunch and visit your blog to see what you've posted... corpses and lunch do not go together!
no more pix of dead ppl please... or maybe a warning first.

cathy g

gross.... great way to start my lunch break.

thanks bean.

your daughter

yup, not loving this...


Eewww - TMI, certainly more than I want to know...


This is why I'm being cremated.
No chemicals being pumped into me
or body parts sewn together.


So much hate. Didn't you people watch Six Feet Under?


Bean, you might enjoy a book called Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Amazon carries it... I've read it - it's really fascinating what happens to bodies "donated to science".


when i die i want to be embalmed and buried embalming is cool i'm 27 and i'm dying from brain cancer some one told me that in the mortuary embalming room my body will be naked to head to toes in the embalming room but i don't care when my skinny naked white butt is on a embalming room with a embalming tube in my neck.i'm near death so i dont care.

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