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April 24, 2008



Cool information!!!


After seeing a you tube video of someone using dry ice to remove a dent in their car I decided to give it a try yesterday on my truck. While it was not perfect, there was actually a noticeable difference in the dent,not perfect, but it certainly did have some result.


I love pot pies too! My favorite (of the frozen variety) is the Chicken Pot Pie from Trader Joe's. Yummy!


Thanks for that info, Bean!


Dry ice is bullXXXt.

Chris Thorne

"...Shut up b**ch. Go fix me a turkey pot pie."

Love that movie!


strange how you were not worried that the pies would have been harmful. i am not a person that millions of people know and would want to kill me because of some lame thing i said on the radio and surely i would have been very apprehensive of the gift. so whats wrong with you? death wish? maybe I'm missing something here.


Oh how I love a good pot pie..... think I'll have to go out and get one myself today....


Another good use for dry ice is for making homemade rootbeer to make a float with that homemade ice-cream you mentioned.


How about a picture of the hand?


Dry Ice is indeed bitchen, but do not stick your head into a container that has dry ice in it. You can pass out from lack of oxygen.

The process of solid to gas without turning into a liquid = SUBLIMATION.

Your welcome.

Now go make me Turkey Pot Pie!!


As I sit at home, sick in bed, I want to say, "I want someone to send me pot pies!!!"

Elementary students love dry ice and balloons!!


No Kitty, That's MY POT PIE!

John Coctoston

How about a picture of the box that the dry ice came in?


Like karlee, I wouldn't necessarily eat food that just showed up on my door step, even if carried by a nice Fed Ex guy.

Bob Bitchen

All the girls are saying "pie". I love this blog. Hang on, LOL, they are saying they "love pie". OMG - they did!

Chicks dig pie!


Claim Jumper has AWESOME frozen pot pies! Yum!!

Considering that there probably are people out there who dislike the Bean, I would have thought about eating those pies.


Bean - did you ever find out who sent the pies?


We use dry ice to pack airplane parts after they have been in a furnace to stave off hardening of the aluminum so that it remains workable to remove any forming imperfections. Once the parts reach room temp they begin to harden. Nerdy, but cool. Bonus, When the job is done we make dry ice bombs.

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