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April 27, 2008



LOVE me the Chuck Berry! You're right about his influence on modern music. Also, his listing of food likes and dislikes reads somewhat like a certain blog I like to read every day.


Now you've cursed him- I'm picking him in my Death Pool!!!


Good morning

Your blog reminded me of an amazing scene in the Great Balls of Fire movie about the life of Jerry Lee Lewis.

In the scene both musicians want to do the grand finale. Turns out Chuck has it in his contract that he goes on last to close the event.

Jerry is so upset that he goes all out to turn on the crowd. Even sets his piano on fire while playing it. Fantastic photography. Good movie from 1989. The Killer himself does the piano and vocals.

Chuck's number one

I agree with that. Who the hell cares what women he nailed? It must be a real embarrasment to his wife and children. How about those pictures that he sued to get back? What a dummy.

With all the great music he wrote and performed, so many of those pages were wasted on silly stuff.

Great talent though, I will still try and see him if he comes to Atlanta. The youtube clips has two of the children playing with him. That band is really tight! They actually get about two sentences in his book. What a shame! Entire chapters about sluts and mere paragraphs for the kids. Oh well, that's Chuck Berry.

Him using his children is alot better than him picking up bands that don't know what he's going to do next. it makes him look really stupid. Obviously, the kids and other band members know what they are doing and to expect anything. They seem to be able to read him really well. That's what a real band can do for Mr. Unpredictable, stay right there with him.

Vic Rattler

Chuck Berry didn't invent Rock 'n' Roll, he stole it from Marty McFly.


Oops, I thought he WAS dead.


I wonder if he likes taco's?

Julius Marx

He actually makes some interesting points...Dutch apple pies ARE especially good for treats at any hour of the day.

Hail, Hail Rock and Roll indeed!

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