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April 21, 2008



That is awesome. I love reading old newspapers that we use to wrap Christmas decorations. Sure they might be only a year old but it is still fun reading. I can only imagine how you got when you found that paper.

13 in 1926 huh? haha. You are the youngest looking 95 year old ever!


When you say Donna and I, you really mean Donna is remodeling the home. She represents the "team" of one!


Seattle in 1926 w/ a Woman mayor during prohibition...good times good times


Wow, that's awesome. Kind of makes me wonder what's in those Marmola tablets, since they cure obesity and all. Pre-cursor to Ex-Lax???

Oh, and Bean, your history's a little off - by the time this newspaper came out, women had already had the vote nationwide for six years.


That's really cool...I love finding old newspapers.

Is Tater helping you with the demo on the house?


that's cool bean.
i was intrigued by the ad for Marmola and googled it, here's an excerpt from an article in TIME from 1935:

"Dr. Hayes's latest nostrum is Marmola, a tablet containing thyroid substance, which he markets over drugstore patent medicine counters as a cure for obesity. Like all thyroid preparations, Marmola may cause a user to drop dead, or cripple control his heart, unless a physician stands by to control the dosage and reduction in weight."


i also saw this ad for Marmola:

ps i liked today's post! write more about the newspaper!


i googled Marmola tablets and your blog was the second result. you've hit the bigtime!
first result was informative and scary:

love "Man Medicine".....catchy. marketable.

Jennifer Thomas

How on earth were you twelve when this paper came out? haha wow you have aged with timeless grace...

Michael Soto

yes. we share the same birthday.


Wait, you're 96?? That explains a lot...

cathy g.

95--- and you don't look a day over 94!!

that is really a fantastic find. how weird is it that it was dated on the same day as your birthday?? that to me would be a good sign, like you and that house are just meant to be.


That is so awesome. I would love to find an old paper to share with my students. Great find!

brother john

This might be a good time to point out that I'm the younger brother. I was no more than twelve when that paper came out, maybe even eleven.


Are there any ads for healthful cigarettes,the kind athletes smoked before the big race?


Please document and post pics of your remodel,us design freaks would love to see the before and afters. I am sure with Donna's professional background it will be awesome.


Marmola did indeed contain thyroid extract, as well as laxatives. In fact, it was the subject of a landmark court case in 1929, which set limits on the FTC's power to regulate false advertising.


has interesting information.

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