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April 29, 2008



Hey that is actually pretty cool!


Thank you Bean & Nicole! I had read about a book by Hilary Carlip that I recently checked out of the library that was similar to this, but it only had about 20 lists with commentary, etc. They were funny, but I finished it in about 10 minutes and thought "that's it??" and was wondering how/why it was a book and not a website. NOW, I have the website and will enjoy! Thanks again for the tip!


This is pretty interesting! I just realized that while grocery shopping, I draw all over the list as I grab an item from it. At the check line, the list looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Chris Thorne

Sites like that are so cool to look at. I always leave my list in the cart or something, I should check and see if one of mine are on that site! LOL


Damn you Nicole & Bean...My work productivity just dipped below 1% and I had such high hopes for today


Aw, I think that last one was a kid's attempt to help his/her mom with the shopping list!


I totally look for other people's shopping lists when I am at the store! They are such fun to read and obviously I'm not alone.
I ALWAYS have a grocery list when I go--I am short-term-memory-impaired (too many drugz in the hippie days!). I was so bummed a few weeks ago when someone STOLE my list out of my cart! I'll look for it on the site.


Oh WoW! I'm glad everybody enjoyed the site, it's addicting. And thanks Bean! I feel famous being in someone's blog for a day. LOL. While I was work today one of my grocery lists that I had printed from my e-mail fell out of my bag. I was about to throw it away when I realized that my name was on it and I didn't want it to end up on the list, so I brought it home to shred. I'm paranoid now.

Emily Alexis

If you like this sort of thing, definitely check out Found magazine & books...this reminds me of it. I have two of those books and they are so fun, you can spend hours reading.


After reading this entry on your blog, I posted about this book on my online community (pearljam message pit) and before I knew it, one of my online friends there had fed exed the book to me!! It's a great read and hilarious! I was quite surprised to receive it after just mentioning it online to friends (i've never met IN REAL LIFE). Now this is what I'll be purchasing for my mom for mothers day.
Thanks bean and nicole!

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