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April 11, 2008



Tater Tot Friday is the BEST! Thank you Bean.


You just gotta love the Tater Tot Fridays!

Thanks, Bean, and have a great weekend!

cathy g

I think Tater has it right... she is wise beyond her years!

Thank you for Tater Tot Fridays!!


I watched Idols give back...and I cried and I actually gave...but now that Michael is gone, I want my money back. effers.


OF COURSE Tater Tot is happy - let's see...
1. doesn't have to get a job and deal with a cranky boss
2. doesn't have to bitch about the price of gas
3. gets fed on a regular basis and doesn't have to cook it or wash the dishes afterward
4. has never had to go to the DMV
5. is adored by (and is probably also spoiled by) her humans
6. never has to check her voice mail or e-mail
7. doesn't have to pay bills
8. doesn't give a damn about who wins American Idol
9. doesn't have a complex about whether or not her butt looks too big
And finally...
10. spends a fairly large portion of the day sleeping.
I'd be pretty darn happy, too! :-)


tater is the smartest dog i know! kisses on that sweet nose (tater's NOT yours, bean, sorry)...


This MIGHT be the best pic of the baby Tater Tot EVER!!!! I now want it as my background for my phone!!!

OH! BTW- Any special party planned for her bday on the 15th? Yes, I know you mentioned it 2 years ago but as Tater Tot's #1 fan, I remember those kind of things!!!

Have a good one!

me! =)


My God that dog is cute!


Adam originally had a bulldog named Meatball, you can see a memorial to Meatball on his website (hopefully, it's still up). It's classic. He loves his bulldoggies.


Adam Sandler has awesome videos of his bulldogs HERE.

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