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April 09, 2008


brother john

There goes five minutes of my life I'll never get back.


Maybe these guys can make some comment on the state of our public educational system, specifically, the English curriculum.


Thanks, Bean!!! I needed the laugh this morning.


Thank you Bean. I thought I was the only one driven to distraction over "heighth". Don't get me started on "warsh".


Could you write another letter to the people that say, "I could care less" or "It's a mute point"?


why not send them anyway? Maybe you'll get an autographed picture out of it or something.


Bean, you're a man after my own heart. Love it!


You are not alone. Things like that bug me too. You are brillant!


You are right again Bean...Weak indeed!

Keep up the work.

Kings Fan

Very funny P.S. in the McCain letter. Also, my dad still says "warsh".


Regarding to the letter to Senator McCain, since you are not mailing it you have the duty, as one blogger to another, to forward your comment to his daughter at her blog address. http://mccainblogette.com/ I suspect she has his ear and will alert him of your concerns.


some sweet malapropism comedy Bean!


I've been meaning to write my own strongly worded letter to Jack in the Box for changing the best hash browns ever to some crappy ones that taste like the bag they come in!


My old boss used to drive me crazy with "vice-a-versa" instead of "vice versa" and "supposebly" insteady of "supposedly". Don't even get me started w/ "you're" vs. "your" (which was used incorrectly in a birthday party invitation that I recently received... "Your Invited!").
I'm with you, Bean... but you should send out those letters; at least the responses (if any) will provide you with some material. As always, an avid reader....

Fred G.

Maybe Maher is saying "road to ho". We've already had a "pimpin" reference.

cathy g

Bean --- you do have something wrong with you, but that is just part of your charm.


Keep up the good work, Bean! If we let mispronunciations like this stay in the mainstream, then we run the risk of these becoming the "norm." A great example of this is "irregardless," a silly non-sensical word people use when they really mean "regardless." Well, it got used so much, you can now find it in the dictionary! (Right there with "ain't"!) So, you MUST keep up the fight! Thank you!


wow you read slow

Vic Rattler

That's the McCain detail you're taking issue with?

Nothing else comes to mind?

Besides, the man has a bit of a lisp, for Pete's sake. I doubt the Democratic nominee will be rude enough to make fun of a speech impediment... she's not going to get enough delegates.


Darn funny letters. You are never weak and always come on strong. (TWSS)

Sorry The Office is back tomorrow.




Bean you're genius, this is why I love your blog. I don't feel quite as neurotic when I read things like this.


Dear Bean,

I know exactly what you mean. There is a certain morning radio show that I listen to where the hosts feel that the words "jail" and "prison" can be used interchangeably. I'm not sure if they realize the difference. Jail is for those awaiting trial or sentenced to lesser offenses while prison is for those convicted of more serious crimes such as felonies. Here's why this bugs me. I work at the Clark County Courthouse (Las Vegas) in the Justice Court dept. Justice Court does not have jury trials, therefore, cannot send anyone to prison. If someone pleds guilty to a felony, and it can't be reduced to a misdemeanor, then they must be bound over to District Court for sentencing and possible prison time. Also, a sentence for jail time rarely goes over a year and prison time is usually longer. For anyone who read this and found it boring I apologize. Maybe I should start my own blog?


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