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April 23, 2008


Greg Lynch

How about Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button? Was it virgin birth? Was he the inspiration for Kyle XY?


It is the first one. Giraffe necks have the same number of bones as most other mammals. The giraffe is my favorite mammal.


Gotta be the giraffe. Mammals have vertebrates.


#1 is wrong....they have 7 bones, just like humans!

Chris G.

I believe its #1, the giraffe one. They have the same number of bones in their necks as humans. But still, not sure how Alfred Hitchcock has NO belly button....


I think #14, it's too sick to be true!!!


he said "one i made up"

clearly it is number one...right?


Number 1, they have the same amount of bones as a human..................7


Everyone has a belly button:

4. Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button.

Jennifer W.

I remember from my last visit to the zoo, the docent said that giraffes have as many bones in their neck as we do. So, I guess no. 1. However, I would like the one about pubic hairs to be false.....so gross....


it's the butts on the copy machine


i'd say not #1...how would a giraffe bend it's neck if it was solid bone......wouldn't it be more like cartilage?

in that case i pick # 4.....Wikipedia doesn't have any info or "trivia" on hitchcocks non existent belly button. Nor does IMDB.....so there

John E

I'm going with #1


I thought it was the golf ball. I remember the golf ball having 344 dimples for some reason.


#1 is wrong, wrong wrong wrong.
on another fun thought for me. if jonah and the wale tale was real, it would have been more interesting had it been jonah and the vulture.


Knowing you are a Norway fan, I am going to have to say that Norway is the biggest exporter of camels is the fake one. Awesome list though!


#1 is wrong, giraffe have 7 vertebrea (according to wikipedia)

It is possible to have no belly button if you had surgery on your stomach and the belly button got left out when you were stiched back up.


I'm going with the knee cap.


Now this is my kinda blog-information- Thanks beano


I'm going to say #1 is false. In third grade, we take a yearly field trip to San Diego Zoo. Two years in a row we had a behind the scenes with giraffes and were able to feed them. The staff at the zoo told us that just like humans, giraffes have seven neck vertebrae (any of the bones or segments composing the spinal column, consisting typically of a cylindrical body and an arch with various processes, and forming a foramen, or opening, through which the spinal cord passes).

I really wish #14 was false. That is so gross. Thank goodness, I eat at home more than going out.


#9 does explain a few things


Your first statement ("Nineteen of these are true...") is the false one.

Well played.


#1 is flat-out wrong; #4 is sorta-kinda true; and #12 and #20 are perfect examples of truthiness.


I think the giraffe's neck........... don't they have giraffe skeletons? If their neck's didn't have bones, how would you be able to tell that it's a giraffe???

I saw your beautiful wife in US......HUGE rock on her finger........


It appears Norway does in fact export camels.. whether they're the largest? I'd like to see the numbers :) Unfortunately, I have to go with the giraffe as they have seven vertebrae. I'd much rather it be the pubic hair. May I never swim in a public pool or eat out again.

Thanks, Bean. Thanks a lot.

I found this cool animal skeleton web site, though. http://www.skullsunlimited.com/skeletons.htm


or #21 - this blog, along with the comments, should be banned.



Wait wait wait...do we really believe Bean read this book? If you look at the Amazon reviews, multiple people say it's full of typographical and grammar mistakes. The Bean we know and love would never read something like that.


You son of a bitch. I'll tell you tomorrow???!!! How the hell can I be expected to wait until tomorrow to find out if Hitchcock had a belly button or how many dimples there are on a golfball?? You, sir, are a master of suspense! OK, I will indulge in your little game - the answer is #15, Donald Duck's middle name is: Who the XXXX cares???!!!!!!


Depending on the golf ball, this is not always true. Many manufacturers vary the number of dimples...as many as 442, in fact. Still, I'd have to go with the giraffe neck thing-

Monica W.

I'm going with Number one. i wish to god it was the pubic hair one, or the swimming pool. that's absolutly disgusting. i think i'll swim in my own pool, or bath tub from now on.


I'm going with #1


How could a man who tried to take over the world only have 1 testicle?! Seems like he'd need more testosterone than that to invade Poland...


Well, it seems unfair to be influenced by your more intelligent readers, so I am going with my original choice... Norway.


This is completely off topic, but I would love a blog on your thoughts of Lolita Fashion. I found some of the craziest pictures of people wearing this style of clothes. I just wanna know what the hell is going on? I'm sure you have tons of stuff to discuss, but I would really like to know what others think about this new (or maybe old and I'm just out of the loop) about this strange fashion. Maybe Donna can help explain this to me/us.

Here is one link to some clothes I found:

cathy g

wow --- people actually researched these facts so they could answer correctly?? oh the wonderful world we live in when we can find anything out in an instant on the internet!! all you smarty-pants taking the fun out of guessing....

i am praying that it is #14-- that totally creeped me out. i don't think i will be eating out for a while.


I'll have to go with Norway as well. damn you Bean for making us wait!


The most spoiled urban cow in the world:

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