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April 03, 2008



Wow. Interesting quiz. My biological is 30.2 (less than what I am), my life expectancy is 95.3 (damn that is a long time), and my healthy life expectancy is 82 (someone pull the plug).

Thank you for not haven't corpses in the blog today.

brother john

I wouldn't put too much stock in these quiz's. According to my high school alumni association, I've already outlived roughly thirty of my class. I'm sure many of them would have scored higher than me on the quiz.
I'm going for quality of life, not quantity.


I am expectancy 79.5...healthy life expectancy 62.7...guess i better change some habits (fast food, salt)


According the Vitality Compass I should have expired 4.6 years ago – Bean, did I die and is this hell?


I call BS - No way in Hell I will ever come close to 96.6 especially in Los Angeles.


I'm biologically 22, woo hoo only 2 yrs under my real age, but it informed me that after 24 I won't be healthy! WTF, fine i'll get back in the gym and i'll eat some more broccoli.


As a smoker for the last 25 years, who doesn't exercise very much and recently separated I was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm expected to be around 'til I'm 79 - way more than I expected. Maybe I can trade off a couple of years and up my smoking and stop exercising completely?


BS on this Vitality crap. My biological age is exactly my age at the moment, my life expectancy is 79.5. What the hell? I don't smoke, don't drink, don't eat much fast food, do eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I only get to 79.5? My grandpa passed away a few years ago at 104, so I am not going to sweat this internet quiz.


Interesting site, Bean. My biological age is 36.6 (I'm just over 37). Life expectancy is 83.1 but healthy life expectancy is only 71.5. BUT I could add 10.3 years by changing my lifestyle a bit. You don't realize how unhealthy you are until you get asked how much fast food you eat. :(


I only scored 81.5 years...I eat too much salty food!
68.5 healthy years
oh well...(my even-keeled emotions about such matters will compensate for my love of salt and chocolate!)


By the way, shouldn't the survey include details about sex? Seriously, I'm just askin' seems like it would have an effect one way or another!


89.2 is my life expectancy, healthy til 81.4 (guess I should save up for assisted living); my biological age is 41.7 although I'm 45.4 - by the way how do you divide 12 months into 10 decimal places... also I was able to register with a fake email, so I won't be getting any vitality coach spam :)

d in the oc

Okay, I'm hanging around until 92, but the last 10 years are gonna be iffy...but I came out 5 years younger than I am, so I've got that going for me. Thanks Rochelle for the email idea.


I must confess that I'm still not over being rickrolled by you on April 1! I now read the comments first and I'm still afraid to click the link. You sneaky little asshat!!

Love ya


Well, I'm living to 91, so if Donna is nice enough to put us in the same rest home maybe we could play bingo together.


My today age is 33.5, more than 2 years younger than I really am! My life expectancy is 85.8, but I'll only be healthy until 70.6. Why would I want to add 8.9 years to the 15 miserable ones at the end??

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