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April 20, 2008



I really liked the first picture with the gas mask and the kids shoes in what looks like a war ravaged part of the world.

Megan Fox though...Wow


I recently watched a documentary on HBO on the Miss Transsexual America pageant held in Vegas.

She should enter next year.


Cool photos. I like the first one, too, and the one of the bicycle in the snow.


happy 4/20 bean and all my fellow commenters!!!


Kings Fan

Megan sure is a Fox. Those were some great pictures. That chick(?)that used to be a dude scares me. How many women out there that look that good used to be men?


I check out LJ every single day since I read that first blog!

I'm sure you already know this but Zebras can be told apart by their butts and the way the stripes come in. My third grade class takes a field trip to the San Diego zoo every year. We get the behind the scenes at the zoo and I learned all about zebras a couple of years ago. This year, I learned about elephants and camels. We got to feed the camels this year. I know, I'm completely off topic...

Enjoyed your blog as always!!

Vic Rattler

At least the Easter Bunny still likes him.
Maybe that diehard 29% is entirely made up of fictional characters.

Julius Marx

Yeah. Ever since you showed this last time I'm hooked in this widget.

It kind of reminds me of Jonathan Coulton's song "flickr"... he just takes it one step further and writes a song about random images.


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