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April 10, 2008



One word, Denny's.


Poor Bean...He's on the short bus.


Have you ever had an ostrich burger? My friend raves about them.

I personally can't stand ostriches because one attacked me when I was 5


can you get food delivered on an island? i hope you don't have to go much longer without donna.


How on God's green earth did you mistake a tub of whipped cream for a tub of mashed potatoes? I just wouldn't have thought that was possible...


I thought you didn't eat meat?


Sounds like you've been watching Cookin' with Coolio....

Bless your heart.

cathy g

I cannot stop laughing.... I think Donna will not let you live this down for a LONG time.


Poor Bean, you struggle. You and the Tot need to hit the drive thru...


You are a sad, poor excuse for a man. Learn to cook pasta you sorry-ass. Man, you make guys look bad. You live on an island! If you can't fend for yourself, move.

Come on Bean, I mean really.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Thanks for making me feel like less of a 'tard today!!


Wow, Bean.. just wow..


I feel retarded just reading this...


ok i just re read your blog (half asleep in the morning) and finally got what you did...haha nice! It looks more like an orange squirt gun, the ones where the water leaks out of the little plastic thing in back.

that beats my cooking a chicken for 2 hours only to cut open at the dinner table and have blood spew out. Needless to say the wife still wanted to eat it since I cooked it. After two bites we headed to Jack in the box for some Tofu Tacos

Please keep us up to date on your daily food mess ups if any

Steve Schroeder

My question is one of density, Bean.

It seems like when you scooped the faux mashers that you would have noticed that they were not dense and heavy like potatoes but light and airy like whipped.

The beautiful difference between mashed and whipped.

I like that story, Bean.


My husband Noel and I went to a buffet and he remarked, "Ooh Banana Mousse!" He loaded up his dessert plate, grabbed his spoon and took a bite. Yuck, whipped butter! We still laugh about it to this day.
See, we're all dorks!


I just dropped ANOTHER college class and was feeling sorry for myself. And then I read your blog.

Thanks Bean!


LOL, suddenly, the Tuna Helper I whipped up for dinner tonight looks like a gourmet meal, ha, ha, ha, ha!


May I suggest a nice meal at your local Denny's or IHOP.


What a freaking awesome wife you have! Damn Lucky!!!

your wife

oh hubba, you are so cute when you try! i'm pretty sure i wrote on the containers with a BIG BLACK SHARPIE PEN so that you would know what everything was. have you suddenly become learning disabled and forgotten how to read? my poor, sweet, slow kitten.

and,incase you were wondering, gina didn't really laugh when she saw that you had made her 70 on your blog. if i were you, i would hide when we get back, 'cause i sense she is bringing you a can of whoopass!


Oh, Bean. You struggle.

So hard.

That's what she said.

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