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April 08, 2008



Publicity whore/publciity whore


"But what is your theory? Daddy issues? Good girl/rebellious phase? Junkie/Pusher? Please discuss."

If it's any of those it might be daddy issues with her trying to be rebellious... some girls have been there before.

Christina L.

I think Marilyn Manson is not as goth as most people imagine him to be. He was raised in a Christian home, and is actually a very intelligent person. Under their outward personas, they may have more in common than would appear on the surface. Just my opinion, though. She could be in it for the kick of dating a "bad boy" - lord knows we've all been there before.


Since I do not know either one of them...I will judge them by this photo...low self esteem and celebeuphoria...ok moving on

Monica W.

Wasnt she also in Running with Seissors? and might i add...ew. maybe she's been brain washed.


I'm going with Good girl/rebellious phase...all girls go through it.


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Well if she's anything like that of her character in the movie Thriteen...well then there's really no explaination necessary. She was a rebelious teen with pircings and tattoos running with the wrong crowd....

I was 19 when i watched that movie and I was so in favor of her mother...i really wanted to slap her across the face and tell her to knock that sh** off. and I'm not one for slapping...i know how that feels...(i need to call someone)....moving on.


Now THIS is an interesting subject. Maybe a bit of rebellion issues, certainly bad boy issues. But on his defense, if she wanted to lay with me...you better believe I am in it to win it...

Man, she is hott.


I don't know, Bean. Look at how tight he's holding onto her arm. Perhaps it is a hostage situation. I'm just sayin...


Bean - you married a hot, talented & kind fashion designer.

Welcome to our world.

your daughter

she lies down with him? dad, have you been reading my copy of the other boleyn girl?

it is pretty unbelievable/gross.


I know that she was also in one of his more recent videos in which they are rolling around together in blood seemingly naked. And I swear I read somewhere that her parents were on set and approved of it...so maybe it's just one of those freaky girls with a freaky family finding a freaky older boyfriend to match? It's beyond me really, though another blogger, I'll call him Herez Pilton, made the observation a few months ago that she is starting to look and dress like a "poor man's" version of Dita Von Teese and I can totally see what he is saying.


I think you guys have it backward. Look at her eyes and clenched jaw in that pic... she's not some wallflower under a spell. She looks to pretty much be the Daddy here and he looks kinda confused. Just think of the "who's my whore?" scene from the Sopranos with Tony's Sister and Joey Pants...


Who cares?


It is just completely gross. I try not to think of them EVER!

I can't think of anything he could possibly offer her.

Julius Marx

And before 13 she was the youngest daughter on "Once and Again" so some of us have kind of watcher her grow up on TV... which makes it even creepier.

I have NO doubt that Manson is intelligent and NOT as racy and daring as his on stage persona. I don't find him particularly talented, but any time I have heard him speak such as on a talk show he is well-spoken, able to articulate his ideas and argue his points.

I think Rachel is the sort of girl that might go for a smart guy.

But I REALLY have no idea how you get past the "holy balls! Look at that guy!" factor. He's not a good looking dude. Even without the stringy hair, the make-up, the miss matched contact lenses, the clothes... you're still left with 135 lbs of ugly 40 year old dude.

So the only possible explanation left is:

"Chicks! Who can figure'em out?"


Methinks she's not the good girl you want to believe she is. No effing way.


She's got them pusher eyes!

Vic Rattler

You briefly touched on something important; the two other beauties he's somehow convinced to let him touch/speak to/look at/be around them. I think what's going on is that success is for the female, what appearance is for the male. Really hot guy with no job is a temporary hook up she brags to her friends about, total knockout girl with no brains is a future trophy wife.

Biology is a MF'er.

cathy g.

Thanks for burning the image of them laying down together... gross.


My take on the situation is this - she's a little girl who is trying to establish a name for herself. She thinks she's way more badass than she really is and to prove it is dating Manson who is 'creepy' and has been with some gorgeous ladies in his day. There are some girls who think that if a man has dated some beautiful women in the past that somehow it will raise them to the same status. I honestly think this is a situation where she is trying to attain a certain image. I mean really - who wanted to be the 'good girl' at that age?

I totally agree that he's complex and intelligent and well read and well spoken, but I doubt that's a selling point for her.


Are you aboslutely 100% sure this is the same guy? The one with the beauty has virtually no top lip and looks all of twenty with dewy young skin. Now look
at the tattooed super star.
Just saying...

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