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April 26, 2008



Sounds pretty "baked" to me. I hate the desert. If the good Lord had meant for us to live in such an environment, we would have all been lizards. Only Keith Richards qualifies.


Favorite phrase of desert inhabitants? "But it's a dry heat."


There is a Dean Martin St. I'm not sure about the others.

just sayin'

The 10 freeway near Palm Springs is the 'Sonny Bono' freeway.

Kings Fan

I knew who all of those people were. But I thought it was because I was in my 40s and I watched a lot of TV. I didn't realized that it also qualifies my to be the gay. I have a lot of explaining to do now...


who? i was born in the 80s and am uncultured :(


Darn, I guessed wrong. I thought they had all performed for the troops at one time.


I've been married to my wife for over thirty
years. By knowing all those celebrities does
that mean it's my inner gay coming out. Oh, the humanity!


I rock. I knew the answer about the street signs without cheating. I think Palm Springs also has the largest population of OLD people, too. Mom lives there. Don't old people get cold really easily? Every time I have visited her, she asks me if I want a sweater when it is anything less than (no kidding) 80 degrees.


I always thought it was Santa Cruz, CA with the highest percentage. Maybe I was wrong.


My husband is from Palm Desert and I spent a year living there. Two things. One, there are so many of The Gays that you, if you're straight, feel like a minority--a disgusting breeder minority. And B, I have always held that the old people are so close to death that their bones feel the cold of it and they need that heat to survive. Oh, and fun fact, from time to time, the old people get hit with a plague of STDs from all the swinging. I really love it there; I just cannot stand the heat. Maybe we'll return to live when we feel the icy clutch of death coming on.

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