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April 22, 2008



a well deserved strongly worded letter.


Yikes, that sounds creepy! Thanks for the heads up, that's one movie I won't be catching this week.

Cruelty to animals is never acceptable.


that was the funniest part of the movie. lighten up pig lover.


Wow! I've heard nothing but great things about this movie and was planning to see it tonight. There's no way I can see it now knowing about this scene in the movie.
I almost walked out of "No Country for Old Men' because of the dead and injured dogs in the film.

Thanks so much for the warning Bean!!


Bean, you do realize that they didn't ACTUALLY kill the pig in such a manner. It was make-believe.

Did you know that they don't actually kill teenagers it slasher flicks like Friday the 13th? Did you write a letter about that? Come on, let's grow a thicker skin.


your wife

dear chris,

what a wonderful world it would be if they really did kill all the annoying teenagers in slasher films. then they could bury them in the sand at a luau, and eat them. yum!

your daughter

dear chris,

how about growing a little humanity? come on. really.

Frank N. Furter

MMMMmmmmm, bacon!

But I digress, Coppola actually did have a water buffalo slaughtered in Apocalypse Now?

The world is sometimes a cold, cruel place, especially if you are low on the food chain.


And one more thing - you people who can't stand the make-believe killings in these movies are the same idiots who just have to be a 'rubber-neck' and look at the end result of a car accident on the freeway.



i wanted to see that movie but now...not so much. thanks for the heads-up, Bean. at least you've forewarned me if i do end up seeing it. i'm bummed about NO COUNTRY, too. (yeah, i'm the one who hasn't seen it yet.)

i think we all know that representation of human killing is just that. almost no up-close actual murder of a person has ever appeared on screen. not the case with animals so the leap is not so automatic. plus animals are good; we suck.


They didn't actually show them kill the pig. My wife and I didn't actually like that scene personally, but it's not like there were pig guts and blood flying all over the place.

Now the question is, do they typically kill the pig in that manner for the luaus in Hawaii?


Ca..ca..can't we just all get along!


Wow, I'm really surprised. I've heard nothing but great things about this movie. I would have been upset if I had seen the pig scene in the movie. Thank you Bean!

I guess I'll wait until DVD and then fast forward.

Laker Fan

To Dana - we suck? Everyone? Nice statement. You may suck, and I can appreciate that. Animals ARE good - especially when not over-cooked.

Keep quite Woman!


you go bean!


thanks for the heads up, although I will probably be seeing this movie this weekend since it's the only one out that sounds appealing. if there aren't blood and guts flying around as DanGarion said then it shouldn't be too bad.

as for No Country... yes it's sad that there were dead dogs in it, but if you look at their corpses they are very obviously fake, not real looking at all. and the violence was a big part of the movie anyway, don't watch that type of movie if you're going to cry [no, I know not literally] over very obviously fake dogs.


Hey Bean,

It is so funny to read comments people leave you. Concerning animals, I believe that animals should be treated humanely. I'm not going to stand on a soapbox, but I think people are so desensitized to the killing of people and animals, that they don't understand the message movies are sending out. It isn't alright to kill a pig in the fashion that was done in the movie. If the scene in the movie stands out and isn't necessary in the movie, why put it there? Did it serve a purpose to the storyline? You don't believe it did and I respect your opinion. I too do not like to watch movies where animals are depicted in a negative context or where animals are hurt. It is very hard for me to just sit there and not feel emotional about the scene. There are lots of movies that I don't see due to this type of insensitivity concerning animals. You are a huge animal lover and you respect all living creatures. This is your blog and I respect that people aren't going to agree with you, but it upsets me when people are flat out rude and disrespectful to you and your beliefs. Yes, I'm sure someone will tell me to grow a pair of balls too...so save your breath.

It only takes one person to start change. I'm with you on this one Bean. Thank you once again for your heads up on this movie and the unnecessary scene concerning a pig being killed in such a manner that upsets you.

You are a kind and gentle man with a huge heart.


Hey Bean...
I saw the movie today after reading your letter. I went in expecting the worst. Although i agree with you completely that the movie could have done with out it, The movie was worth watching. Hilarious! Oh yeah i think they deserve a big thumbs up for having Mila Kunis in the moving. YUM...


to Laker Fan:
yeah, i AM quite a woman. (check your spelling, bubba)

i do suck a little as a person. you should admit to your suckiness, too. do it. come on! i know you can. :)

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