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April 14, 2008



Bean, be thankful you have a Jack in the Box. I live in the redneck state of Georgia and there is no Jack in the Box. Nor is there any Carl's Jr or Wienerschnitzel. I only get to eat from these restaurants when I go home to California for a visit. So, sauce or no sauce, I think you are lucky to even be able to eat at a Jack in the Box. I am envious.

brother john

It takes too long to say "We're conducting a survey. If we were to offer sauce with the chicken strips, which kind would you prefer?"
Either that or Karl Rove has re-directed his energies and you've been caught in an insiduous plot. Again.


A-muthaf'ing-men, muthaf'er!


After being stiffed one to many times, I double check what's in my bag before I leave the drivethrough. That's because, I always think about that one Lethal Weapon movie when Joe Pesci's character says, "you always gets effed at the drivethrough."
Next time, just check the bag!!!

Vic Rattler

I'm reading this too early in the morning to have "Karl Rove" dropped on me. There should'v been a disclaimer of some kind.

As to the topic:


What the heck are you doing eating while you drive? Might as well be in LA talking on your phone while you drive.

Or how about this:

Check your bag before you pull away? Burn Bean once, shame on you, burn Bean twice, shame on Bean.


Why do you eat fast food?
Didn't you see "super size me"?


I don't know about else where, but since I've
learned spanish, I've had no problems getting
my order correct.


I like honey mustard.

Fred G.

Be thankful you got the chicken strips! The (walk in) taco bell in your old Burbank 'hood is the worst with getting a basic order correct.


Why is it that I can't leave the drive drive-through without having to check for the GD straw? Because we give these people too much credit. Just don't go there anymore...




HeatherMichelle, I'm with you - I'm in NC with NO Jack In the Box, NO Del Taco, NO Der Wienerschnitzel, NO El Pollo Loco, and, WORST of all, NO In-N-Out Burger.

Just mother-effin' Hardees's, GD Burger King, mystery-meat Taco Hell, and the mother-of-all-evil Mickey-D's. And the nearest Denny's is 30-effin' miles away. THANK GOD for Waffle House!!

(We've also got Arby's and Wendy's, but I don't hate them, so I won't complain about that. And I don't give a rats ass about Carl's Jr - everything they've got is just way to big, and I've always hated their stupid six-dollar burger ads anyway.)

And Bean, thanks a lot - now I'm really craving a sourdough chicken sandwich, and there's no way to satisfy that. Jerk.


Maybe you should just get out of the car every once in a while. Could you use the exercise? (I'm trying to put a positive spin on it -- not condeming!)
Love you!

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