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April 07, 2008



If your blog is ever boring than what does that say about me? I have yet to be bored reading your blog and I always find them interesting, some more interesting than others, but I am never bored. I have laughed, cried, agreed, disagreed but never been bored. Even today's blog is interesting. I never cared about Audubon but now after reading your blog I know he was a total douchebag.

Chris G.

I am never bored, as I eagerly look forward to reading each new day's posting.

As for this posting, it was both entertaining and enlightening. Oh, and a bit sad.

Rock on, Bean!


I call birds few when I kill less than 10,000 in a day.

Col. Sanders

ps. Chuck Heston just got here, we're going birdin with Audie.


That's messed up.

Tater is NEVER boring!


Al Gore is boring. You sir, are no Al Gore.
You might be a bit strange, but that's what makes you interesting!

Vic Rattler

That is the perfect example of a blog entry from our Bean.

Boring SUBJECT, very interesting STORY.


I bet he spent a lot of time alone...had trouble making friends and liked to stare into the eyes of the birds after he killed them...and one day have a clown house and live on an island in the pac-norwest


Uninteresting today...

Like everyone else Bean, you have your good days and your mediocre days. The important thing it that you keep trying.


Hey Bean,
Your blog is never boring. Like today's blog, who knew, interesting stuff for sure. But, never boring!!!
Keep on Blogging!!!


Hey Bean! Your Blog is never boring. I usually enjoy reading your blog even if I don't understand or care about the subject matter. I am always entertained! Today's blog was very informative and this artist Audubon is a jerk! Now if I ever run across his work with a group of people, I can enlighten them!

Jennifer W.

not boring and interesting -- and slightly horrifying -- all at the same time. I will pass this little nugget of information around at my next gathering.

Frank N. Furter

Boring - yes. Interesting - not so much.

Same as your posters.



Good lord...what an interesting and horrifying story. Thanks for sharing. And I never find you boring.


What Vic said: Boring SUBJECT, very interesting STORY.

and Audubon was an Ay-hole!


In the famous words of Homer Simpson: "Boring"!


Oh dear God! When I read that headline I read it as though he sat there, stared at and painted the birds quietly, careful not to frighten them and make them fly away, then shot them after he was finished. I thought that sounded so twisted I was hesitant to read further.

What he actually did was, by comparison, a lot less sick.

Also, I find your blog interesting. Except the baseball posts. Those are boring.

KFI Bryan

I go in reverse order, killing AFTER i paint.


The first thing I do when I sign on is to look up your blog. I love your blog. It is never boring. I share some of your info with my students too. You have so much knowledge.


Bean, your blog has its ups and its downs. Today it was down. I think you tried too hard today. Relax a little. You can't please all the people all the time.


I found today's post completely interesting. I can't wait to find out the other 99 things that I'm not supposed to know!


I am NOT an avid blog reader. In fact, I'm usually quite annoyed by bloggers because they feel the need to write every little thought down despite the fact no one cares. That being said, I have never read a blog as utterly fantastic as yours. I'm obsessed, and can't stop reading it. Thank god you write it everyday--I always have something to look forward to!

d in the OC

Audubon is one of the artists I teach to K-6th kids. I like to share the fact a preservation society is named after a person who went out of his way to kill the birds he was painting.

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