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April 16, 2008



I love your muxtape. :D

Maybe you should checkout mixwit.


It's got a search feature, and it works in opera (which it seems like muxtape doesn't).


I just cicked on the link and I'm already loving the cover of Toxic. You know Bean every day I end up reaffirming to myself that you really get a bad wrap. I think you're pretty awesome. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


You completely rock! You have excellent taste in music. It is so much fun getting to know you more.

Bean Baxter is da Bomb!!


Great choices!

p.s. in my college days, we called them party tapes.


I made me a mixwit. Took forever. But I'll do another one sometime... thanks Bean! http://www.mixwit.com/widgets/3cbb1f78c74d5b4e9833ce8e7757f3cb

Julius Marx

PEOPLE!!!! Wake up you sheep!

You've been RickRolled!



Not this time, Julius. check it out!

Nate Bower

never mind mixwit or muxtape - give some respect to the originator of the online mixtape which has been 'perfecting' the experience (i.e. adding tons of features) for the last few years.


so good that when lupe fiasco made his online mixtape he made it at imeem. now that's respect

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