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April 12, 2008


brother john

The sad part is that the next administration will do no better on this issue. I'm afraid the only way there will be action is if some terrorist group gets through and causes harm.
We're like the frog in the pot of water and its getting hot in here but we're not ready to jump out yet.


Very interesting article...I always found it interesting how the dad is two steps ahead of the wife and daughter.


Just wait until "The Wall" is completed, then ALL our problems will be solved . . . . Either that or it will be an environmental disaster, and a huge waste of billions of dollars that will accomplish nothing.


Bean, I know plenty of people probably write this, but as an average guy who lived in LA for 8 years, I really find your blog fascinating. What makes it so great to read is its variety- one day providing us with thought-provoking information, the next day boobs. I'm glad you are able and willing to give your time so generously. FYI- a possible near-future blog topic: what's up with your Mariners?? Will Johjima ever get another hit?


So, off the Florida coast I wonder if they have the same type of sign attached to a buoy, you know the same family floating on a raft. If they did, I'd like to get a copy of that!


What a great article, Bean. Thanks for the link.


I saw this when it came out and it has stuck with me. Imagine making something so enduring as that image-as your job.

Also, what Phil said, minus baseball.

Vic Rattler

My thoughts:
-They're wearing heeled dress shoes rather than proper running shoes.
-The Mother is in an about knee-length skirt.
-Daughter has pigtails.
-Though the picture is a black silhouette they seem to me the white suburban family stereotype.
-If that's who the sign is for, why the extra Spanish? Unless it means: "Caution while running white family! Mexicans Prohibited."
-Bro John, the next President would need a term shorter than William Henry Harrison to do less good than the current one.


it's Vamos. The verb is irregular. Learning all the irregular verbs can be a tough ro-- you know.

I Am Robot

Ash, I think you would be right if Bean was trying to say, "We go" but "Vamonos" is a better choice to say, "Let's Go!"


Robot- I think VAYAMOS is the best choice for "Let's go."


I think Carlos MenSTEALia is a gigantic tool, but the segment he did on his show about the sign was pretty hilarious.

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