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April 28, 2008



"...67 percent don’t look at their watch to tell what time it is..."
C'mon, everyone knows this - they look at their cell phones instead. Duh.

And if some wealthy person wants to pay $300k for a watch that doesn't tell time, send 'em to me - I've got 4 old ones that I got from Target that don't work anymore, and I could use the money.


"There's a sucker born every minute." P.T. Barnum


Greetings from the Congo!

From my dirt hut I can see it is daytime.

Chris Thorne

I thought about buying that watch...but they couldn't guarantee that I could get TWO, with sequential serial numbers. If I couldn't get that, well, you can understand my interest wained significantly... LOL


At least, it's cool to look at.


$300k could go so much farther...I don't know, helping out New Orleans?


This could be a wise investment if the watch sells years from now for millions.

A watch is just another form of jewelry and most jewelry has no practical value.

I wish I had two cows


A man came up to me and asked me what the time was that was on my watch,yeah, it's daaaaay!
Does anybody really know what time it is.

Glen Quagmire

But I do most of my best work at night!

Oooohhh Yea!!! Giggety giggety...


The truly wealthy don't neet to know what time it is. I've always felt that this was true of pampered women/trophy wives too. This is the reason I never wear a watch on a date - even though I have a very nice watch.
Terrible - I know.


I had a boss who once had a watch that much, and I about quit simply because I felt it was unethical. Someone who buys a watch for that kind of money though and it doesn't even tell time...those people really ought to be shot on site for that gross waste of money.


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