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April 15, 2008



A typical contraption for people with more
money and less energy than brains.


The only reason I would buy a pet stroller is if my dog was old and arthritic but loved being outdoors. That is it. My puppy would get pissed off if I took her outside and made her sit in a stroller.

elderly, disabled, etc.


Great, fat Americans, now fat pets!!! What happened to walking your pets???


I saw one of these when I went to Lake Arrowhead a few months ago. There was a cat inside instead though...needless to say i took a few steps and started laughing


I don't know about the rest of 'em, but when my aging, arthritic Lab gets too old for walks, I intend to get one of those kiddie carriers you hook up to the back of your bike.


Why would one get a pet stroller? Because one is a douche!


I want to be amazed at the sheer dumbassness of Americans. But I just am not and that is sadder that the stupid strollers.


I really love that im not the only person who thought WOW fat people with fat pets.


Really small dogs are walking bait and some owners feel more comfortable with them in a stroller. (Note: My dog is 20lbs, looks like a miniature pit bull, and can kick your dog's ass in a fight!)

maltese parakeet

this is what's wrong with america.


1.my dogs are too large for this lazy dog contraption. In fact they would possibly have fun destroying it.
2.small dogs have such little legs that taking long walks would peel their feet right off. i have seen this.
3.It might protect them from other dogs that want to eat them. Since normally their owners are too busy sucking down starbucks and talking on their phone to notice that their pets are being eaten.

so yo-yos are actually hunting weapons. little dogs on leashes are similar to yo-yos and they can bite. it might be an interesting sight to see.
problem solved.

Monica W.

sooo...because the majority of people are fat and lazy we have to make our pets fat and lazy? are you KIDDING me?! I have a Shetland Sheep dog (miniture collie) and the joy of her day is when i get home from work and rattle her leash she knows shes GOING FOR A WALK. this is sad..very very sad.


I wonder what the percentage is that were sold here in L.A. where having your pet in a bag is also common. The WALK is for the DOG!

brother john

I'd like to address the comments that “this is what's wrong with America”. On the contrary, I think this is what's right about America.
You want to pamper your pets? Go ahead. You want to point and laugh at people that pamper their pets? Knock your socks off. You want to condemn people or even an entire nation without any attempt to understand their motivations? That’s your right as an American.
Somebody started a company that filled a need (or desire). Along the way, I assume they employed people, paid taxes and otherwise contributed to a successful society. Sounds like good deal to me.
Judging by the small sample of comments on this blog, the urge to tote pets around in not even common, much less a trait that should be attributed to the majority of “fat Americans”. I can see where someone might use the stroller to take an aging dog to a park that is too far for its arthritic hips to carry it. If an animal can’t make the trip under its own power should it be left behind as in the wild? That wouldn’t be “American”.

In Carmel I saw a dog in a stroller twice! My friends and I couldn't believe it.


I don't know, but I saw a lady with her two kids on leashes this morning getting off the bus. I swear they were panting.

Outside Observer

We bought a bicycle stroller so we could take our dog (smaller/medium sized dog-37 lbs) on bike rides with us until he is displaced when we have kids. We've only used it a couple of times on the bike.

Once we did use it as a stroller (it has an extra wheel that attaches to become a regular stroller) to bring our dog on hiking trails in a state park. We went on a camping trip and wanted to bring him with us instead of putting him in a kennel. He enjoyed the trails.


I can see nobody on this blog has ever heard of an elderly or disabled pet. *DUH!*

As the proud owner for 14 years of a disabled dog I can see the point of this stroller. He had leg deformities and could only walk about half a block before his legs gave out, and once his legs gave out came hell or high water he wasn't moving! He couldn't. I had no choice but to pick him up him up and carry him home, which is what people with elderly and disabled dogs have to do; you never know how far they're gonna make it on any given day. It was fine for me to carry him as he was small and I am young and healthy, but retired and disabled people are often the type who get those dogs (as they want low-energy pets). So you can see the dilemma. The stroller is a nice alternative to just leaving the poor thing cooped up all day.

And you might know that due to puppy mills and irresponsible breeders, unhealthy pets are becoming increasingly common. I used to volunteer at a dog rescue and a larger number of dogs than you'd expect came in that weren't healthy.

But in the case of healthy people walking healthy dogs...yeah, in that case the stroller is stupid!


I like how the site is called "just" pet strollers. Don't go there if you're looking for a backpack or a bonnet for your dog. Reminds me of when Letterman would find stores like "Just Lamps" and go in there to ask if they carried light bulbs.

Also, Bean - you inspired my "strongly worded letter" post I put on my blog yesterday. Check it out if you feel so inclined. You continue to be a blogging inspiration to dozens.


My dog and I do a monthly hike with a local org, and the same people are always there, including a woman who puts her fully-abled chiuaua in a baby bjorn and carries him. On a hike. With a group formed to hike. Yeah, our society is nuts.


I agree with Brother John. Pet strollers ARE what is right about America! If I want to roll my perfectly-abled pet in a diamond encrusted stroller right past skid row while pouring out a bottle of champagne in the gutters and humming "The Star Spangled Banner", then you better not try to stop me 'cause I'm an American Dammit! And it is my right as an American to expect to have my every whim catered to if I can pony up the cash. Screw starving children in third-world countries! They should have been born in Orange County! Shock and Awe, Bitches!


Hi there!
I dont personally own one, but I work at a vet clinic and there are a variety of reasons I see clients come in with them:
1) Cats love them...they hate being squished in carriers and they get to look around.
2) elderly animals that can walk. I had a friend that got one cause she had a 15 year old terrier mix. She was unable to take him for walks anymore but LOVED going in the stroller. She felt like a total nerd with it but it worked and it made the dog happy!
3) There are a TON of super paranoid people out there than think their dog will die if it smells another dog or grass and such (they are usually this way with their children and they usually own lame dogs like yorkies) so they stick them in the stoller to never see the light of day! lol


Bean I just recently had to use a stroller for my dog who was recuperating from a ruptured disk. She was paralyzed, but still enjoyed going out and seeing her friends. I don't know what we would have done without a stroller. By the way, less than 2 months later she is running and jumping and almost fully recovered. Amazing what $6k and a stellar animal neurologist can do.


I bought one of these strollers a few years back for our aging Dachshund who had some back problems. Thought I would use it to take her for walks with me. She would not get in it and today it sits in my garage as one of those "OOps Purchases" (Things I wasted my money on but can't get rid of it because one day I may get my moneys worth!!)

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