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April 13, 2008



While Mr.R. Rover may be an inconsiderate
deuche bag, I'm afraid that Rose will be tagged for being wrong. If a person finds a situation that is wrong and makes that situation worse by their actions when it is avoidable, then, you out!


Not knowing what state Rose resides in, I can't say much about it, but a lot depends on where it happened.

Right now, I live in a state where if you're partially at fault for the damages (i.e., if you park in a space that's clearly too small for you), then you can't recover anything from whoever might have damaged it.

I used to live in a state where they assign a percentage - if you are X percent at fault for what happened, then anything you get awarded in court is reduced by X percent.


I'm as against large vehicles parking in compact spots as much as the next guy, and I also think the LA area has some of th worst parking skills in the country, but I'm confused about something...

According to your friend, the Range Rover driver should have looked for parking downstairs, but despite an obviously cramped parking spot, it was ok for her to squeeze in and NOT try downstairs herself? She's 100% at fault because of her double standard.


One thing I'm unclear about.. your friend pulled into what was left of a parking spot but was then unable to get out without damaging the Range Rover? How did she get in without damaging it?

For the record, I do think there should be fines levied against owners of large vehicles parking in compact spots. However, I don't see it happening anytime soon.


Some points of clarification:

1) Dude, I'm unemployed and single. I've got nothing but blog-reading and email-writing time.

2) The parking lot in question was the one at the southwest corner of Olympic and Westwood in West L.A. The lot was apparently designed for very small flying cars. The space in question looked viable from the street -- otherwise, I would have headed for the downstairs parking -- and the Range Rover blocked the view from the driveway. I drive a Corolla with a small turn radius. Not being able to fly up and scope out the Range Rover's angle from the air, I didn't realize the situation until I was already in it. And then I tried to get out of the situation, and couldn't.

3) How did I get into the parking spot without touching the awkwardly-parked Range Rover? Mad parking skillz.

4) I really didn't cause much damage to his car. After we'd both calmed down, he conceded that it was probably something that could be fixed with a wash and wax, and I told him I'd pay for it. I think it was more the principle of things: From my perspective, a guy parked poorly in a too-small space and got upset when I had the gall to try to get out of my car; from his, some chick scuffed up his paint.

5) I haven't heard from the guy, which leads me to believe that he realized that these things happen. (Though if he's reading this, seriously: I'll pay for a wash and wax. I still don't think it was entirely my fault, but I've learned to pick my battles, and obviously the integrity of your Range Rover's appearance is very important to you.)


While I understand the frustration your friend Rose must be feeling, Range Rover Driver, while an a-hole, is absolutely not at fault for creating the situation that ended up in Rose scratching his car. Sure he parked in a spot that was too small for his vehicle, but she chose to try and squeeze her vehicle next to his. Were it not for her actions, his vehicle wouldn't have been scratched by her vehicle.

If it had been me and I realized too late that my car was too close to a-hole's, I would have reversed out, scratched his car, and hightailed it out of there. Let that be a lesson to him. But Rose got caught, and must pay the consequences.

Always carry a camera to take pictures. If you had pictures you could have fought this in court. He is the jerkass that has parked in the wrong spot.


shouldve left the car as is, gotten out via the passenger side, and taken a lot of pictures of his car and yours in case he decides to do a scratch and run!!

Jennifer W.

oh, this is one of my "things." I hate it when I can't get my small Honda into a space because the asshat next to me has parked his gas-guzzling, earth-destroying, penis compensator in a compact space. This makes me so angry! I say scratch away! Were it not for the damage done to your car, Rose, I'd recommend pulling in and pulling out multiple times to inflict the most amount of damage!

CW McGuinness

I'm an insurance adjuster and sadly, in the state of California (and most others)insurance does cover stupidity. The main problem here is that his car was unoccupied and parked, so you as the driver of a veh that IS occupied and IN motion have the greater to duty to be "on the look out" for potential accidents. It's not fair. But the way insurance works states that you would had avoided the accident by observiering the improperly paked veh and parking somewhere else.


Ah, CW, well put: duty as it relates to unoccupied/parked v. occupied/in motion. That'll be helpful in deciding when I'll have to swallow my gall and find another space (when the non-compacts should've done it from the get-go).

Jennifer W.: just remember that asshats are also petite 40-something women... (MGM Building, basement level, powder-blue lexus suv, you know who you are.)


If you can pull into a spot without hitting a non-moving inanimate object and there a) have been no major geological changes in the immediate area, b) the inanimate object has not re-animated, or c) sorcery is not prevalent in this zip code, you can pull out of the spot without touching said inanimate object. Was David Blain in the parking garage?

Jennifer W.

yes, Rose, you are totally correct...sometimes, said asshats are women...such a disappointment, but true nonetheless.

j ortega

if you drove in you can drive out, Sounds crazy right? But it's true. I assure you.


I live one block from the scene of the crime and have to tell you that everybody who parks in that stripmall (or drives off it going 30 mph over a sidewalk) is an asshat. I moved there 16 years ago and back then that corner was an empty lot -- sold pumpkins at Halloween, trees at Christmas. Really good times...

The lot directly across the street is 50 times worse.

Everyone in West L.A. parks their Range Rover, Expedition, Yukon, etc. in compact spots. No one in West L.A thinks anyone else has a right to exist.

LA Guy

At least you had the opportunity to match a face with the ass. While parallel parked on a residential street in Hollywood, some asshat managed to put a large dent in my car door while I was away. No note, no nothing.

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