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April 18, 2008



what's up with monkey wearing a hat picture?!?

Frank Murphy

Not to take anything away from Tater, but how about that painting of the chimp in the dunce cap?!?!?!?! Isn't that something!



Tater Tot Fridays are the BEST! Hope you, Tater & all the critters have a groovy weekend.

p.s. When is Donna coming back?


A little off topic but, I love that Monkey painting!


Love Tater but I really love the monkey painting. Please fill us in on that one!
Future blog idea: Bean's art.


And here I thought I'd be the only one to mention the creepy monkey painting.

Love Tater and Joe. Newfie's are AWESOME! Who doesn't want a dog that big?


Great Tater pics as always. Joe is a great dog too!


i felt the same way as tater about the show on tuesday.... ugh... mariah carey songs.... snooooooooze... tater's a smart girl.

John E

Is that a miniaturized bed, or is that dog really the size of a horse??


Dammit Bean, I can't take any more of this Tater Tot cuteness! I married a crazy cat lady(-ish man) and this isn't to say that I don't adore my furballs. It's just that I'm stuck with all these kitties and I've always desperately wanted a bulldog. Every Friday is just a stab in the heart.

Jennifer W.

man, I thought I was the only crazy who studies the background in the photos....but really -- what's up with the monkey photo?


Love the two teeth in the last shotof the Tot! Unbelievably cute!


i love Tot and Joe, and i adore Obi! she could save me from drowing, t'boot! go Newfies!!


You know it's a real testament to what animal lovers you and Donna are Bean. For her to go on vacation and have the "host" pet become her new best friend...it's just the sweetest thing! It really warms the cockles of my heart, whatever they are? ;)

I love Tater Tot (and friends) Fridays!!!


Dude, PLEASE tell us more about the monkey painting!!!! And is that a Mark Ryden to the right of it? I like your wall. Oh, and your dog. Yes, Tater Tot is cute. Shocking!


Bean, was it American Idol, or you reading your next blog to Tater Tot. Happy Weekend!

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