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May 20, 2008


brother john

Winston Churchill was asked once how he kept himself humble when he looked out on the massive crowds that came to hear him speak. His reply: " I remind myself the crowd would be doubled if I was there to be hanged."

Dave W

Bono. Churchill back in the day.

Sketchbook by chris

The people love to hear the man speak. When was the last time we had anyone in office that we wanted to hear what they had to say? I think it is a most welcome sight.


Hitler was a great orator
that Jesus guy drew a crowd
Warren Buffett
Steve Jobs


The Cult of Oprah might turn up in a crowd that big.

Rebecca on Bainbridge

I can only think of ghosts that would pull that kind of crowd -- MLK? The Beatles reunited? Elvis? And that makes me think that it has been a long time since we've seen anyone with this kind of power and charisma.

It has obviously been too long. The nation seems starved for excitement, hope -- everything that Obama is trying to represent. I suspect it surprises even him to see what a nerve he has touched.

I wonder if he finds it exciting -- overwhelming -- or just another big political ego trip? All three, I suspect.


How exciting to see people active and involved in an election; especially for the Democratic Party. So many people are apathetic or disenchanted about our political process. Thanks W for making the Dems so intent on getting the Republicans out of office that they will actually get off their collective ass and DO something!!!


I have to go with Billy Graham. He packed the Rose Bowl a few years ago.


I'm not saying I'm not for Obama...I am just saying that I hope the nation will remember that he's not a savior.

Julius Marx

As much as I hate to say it... I think you may be underestimating the Miley Cyrus fans.

Being the father of one of those said fans... they scare me.


maybe Queen Elizabeth? or The Dalai Lama?

i guess these days we don't have to turn out in person to hear such speeches like in the past. someone somewhere is likely recording/transmitting this kind of thing today so we don't have to actually attend the events. so, yeah, the kind of draw seen in Portland must really signify something.

no mention of tasering, fighting, etc, either. bonus.


My first thought was the Rolling Stones. That is, I think they could have done it 20yrs ago if they had the biggest venue possible and actually made the tickets affordable, so I guess we'll never actually know on that one.

Also, when Ronald Reagan passed away, more than 100,000 people showed up to view the casket at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley (says this former resident of Simi Valley who well-remembers the tie-up on the 118 freeway).

Geo - I also saw Billy Graham pack 'em in about 20yrs ago, but it was Angel Stadium (I think capacity is something like 65k). And I saw Pink Floyd at the Rose Bowl in the early '90's, and it was sold out (I think the Rose Bowl capacity is more than 90k, but I'd have to double-check that one).

Diane An American

Judge for yourself-Is Sen. Obama The Antichrist of the end of ages or he just an antichrist-like Hitler, or is he truly sent by God to save the world,or is he just another politician.
The catholic church's view,
1.He will be called an messiah (-has he?)
2.He will seem to allot of people to have came out of nowhere (-has he?)
3.People will follow him for no apparent reason (-are they?)
4.a political ruler who would oppose the Church (-has he?)
5.individual Antichrist may also be an apostate Christian or from an apostate family, people, or nation (i.e., that used to be Christian but by then will not be). (-does he or did he belong to such a church?)
Further, in Scripture the beast is clearly a political leader, not a Church leader. (-is he?)
6.The Antichrist will be a man with a human soul. (-is he a man with a human soul?)

Dean Lamborn

Oh, George Bush could do it!
I'm thinking 7,500 George Bush speeches would draw that many people.

Vic Rattler

I'll give him credit for the same things you did (magnetism, charisma, etc.) however, I think a major part of him drawing crowds that big is the anticipation of what him becoming President represents to those gathered: the end of Bush being President. It's like the line up before the release of a very highly anticipated movie/videogame/thing.
I highly doubt that in the middle of his term or even when he runs for re-election, assuming (and hoping, as I do) he is elected, he will ever again draw a crowd that large (inaugurations excepted.) Yes, he's energizing, but when Bush goes he's taking a lot of that energy with him.


Great question. I don't know of anyone else not already mentioned who could draw that many people. I would be interested in comparing the draw Mr. Obama had this past weekend with the draw that Candidate Bill Clinton had in Portland, Oregon during the 1992 campagine.


I honestly can say that there is not any one person I'd want to be stuck in a big, stinky, sweaty sea of people to see talk. Ick- can you imagine the lack of elbow room in that crowd? It's like Disneyland without the rides.


The Decemberists
How many came because of Sen. Obama and how many came for the concert-
The Decemberists???

Cid Aguilar

You are not kidding about the white majority in Oregon. I have a much younger white cousin who was/is born and raised there.

When she was 5, her parents took her to a museum. There was a black girl working there. My cousin, who shall remain nameless, walked up to her, jaw to the floor amazed, and asked her if her skin hurt.

You can imagine the embarrassment of her mom and pop. For the record, I'm only half white. ;)


Depeche Mode?? (back in the day)
Reminder: Rose Bowl, Dodger Stadium, Wharehouse Records WeHo


I am koolmom21 and I did not write the comment that starts with:

"You are not kidding about the white..."

I said :

The Decemberists
How many came because of Sen. Obama and how many came for the concert-
The Decemberists???

I am leaving this comment so people will stop referring to the comment I did not wright.

P.S. Google has it wrong.

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