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May 10, 2008



One of us commented? Hmmmmmm, let me guess who that was!


Count me in. i don't need machines to scold me all the time.

p.s. 2 tacos for 99 cents is hard to beat.

Dean Lamborn

Since you never go to work you missed the good old computer. Not only does it beep for everything, but your co-workers get to put there favorite dumb-ass sounds to replace it.

My car honks the horn when you lock it, which is a good thing. It also honks when you unlock it. Duh. You'd know if it was still locked.

If you put the key in with the door open it beeps, if you haven't got the seat belts on it beeps, and if you are low on fuel it beeps three times. One after the other.


How about the ATM beeping to give money or your card back?

Or how some cars beep as they reverse

The microwave keeps beeping unless you take the popcorn out...or in your case chicken pot pie


I'm sorry Bean, but I need the beeps, flashing lights do nothing for me!!!

John E

I sit close to the computer server room at work and one of the server components failed, causing something in that room to beep like that french fry monitor. Thing is, it took our IT Dept A WEEK AND A HALF to finally get the right part to get it fixed, so I had to listen to that damn thing beep for all that time. Luckily, I can wear my iPod headphones at work, but it still drove me nuts.


The BofA ATM beeps SO LOUD now when you are keying in information. I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the people in line behind me in the dark knowing how many figures I'm putting in or taking out.


well, if you noticed the beeps, then clearly they are working. i think they are meant to be annoying to get that attention. i gotta go, my computer is beeping because my battery is low!


i hate beeps. they remind me of my alarm clock. at my old haircutters, the cash register dinged like my alarm clock, and i would jump everytime it was opened. almost lost an ear that way.


My car beeps if I accidentally leave my lights on after I turn off the ignition. Most helpful beep ever. Most other beeps I could do without.

And I wish there was a jack in the box within 200 miles of where I live. (and I'll still make the trip since I have family nearby.)

you need to be careful with flashing lights, as they could induce seizures in some people, depending on the frequency of the flashing light.

As far as the sharp noise, I believe it's there so that it's instantly recognizable as nothing else could possibly make that noise (except now, everything makes that noise).

I agree, I like things quiet, but I don't mind things telling me that I missed something.

Fred G.

I'm with you Bean except in one instance. Unlike Dean, I HATE car alarms that honk the horn instead of beep. The sound of the door locking/unlocking should be good enough!


Bean, you may enjoy a new film out called Noise.

"Desperate for some peace and quiet, New York attorney David Owen (Tim Robbins) takes matters into his own hands. He starts by leaving notes on cars whose owners don't turn off their alarms, but when he's not getting the results he wants, he ups the ante. He soon becomes known as "the Rectifier," winning the adulation of citizens and the ire of the mayor (William Hurt). Bridget Moynahan portrays David's wife in this smart comedy."


I had to ask the crew at my local McDonalds to turn off the beeping fry machine. It had seriously been beeping for over 5 minutes one night. I offered to come bak there and do it myself. It took them a few more moments but finally there was silence. People around me thanked me for speaking up.


In Yoga, there is a part of the discipline known as "prathyahara" or "withdrawal of the senses" Even yogis knew that it was important to pull your attention from the outside world--long before the noise pollution of today.


Bean. Why are you eating fast food? Even a grocery store deli would be a better option than crap in the sack.


You know...you can ASK for the sauce at the drive through window, right? Just ask for some when they hand you the bag. It's very easy.

Choosing to order inside just for this reason is kind of dumb.

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