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May 16, 2008



I see Tater Tot's boobies! Since when did she start doing porn? Have a great weekend Tot!


The pics of 'Friday on my Mind" were great, lots of stuff exposed. But some more good stuff on "Monday Blues" can be found at


Thats a cute puppy! Would you happen to know if they are selling any extra bulldogs?

It is supposed to be 105 here today and feel bad for our bulldog as well


OMG! That puppy is sooooo cute! My next door neighbor's bulldog gets uncomfortable when it's so hot here in the Bad Place. We pull out the baby pool and let him splash around in it.

Monica W.

oh my gosh Little Guinness is so cute!!! maybe if the lil one is lucky she'll grow up to be just as cute as the tot


Somebody needs a tummy rub!


I prefer pics where I can see the eyes of Tot.
Thank you.


Tot's pose is eerily similar to the one in the "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping". Keep up the great work Bean, you're creeping me out.


every friday is a cruel reminder that i have been dogless for nearly eight years. damned apartment living. tater tot's belly is just begging to be scratched.

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