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May 18, 2008



He gets big points for being creative. Hopefully, he won't start looking for excuses to dump the gal 5 months and 3 weeks into any relationship to save the 600 bucks . . .

Kings Fan

What a douche bag! On top of that, what woman is going to want to date a guy who's offering a tax rebate as incentive? Dude, if you have "all that going for you', why can't you find a woman on your own?


ah the interwebs...bringing new and exciting ways to meet losers!


I echo Kings Fan.


I still get surprised when I see people with these new and creative ways to hook up. Like that lady who was selling her house and said if you buy her house she'll throw herself in for free. Part of me finds it a little sad, but part of me envies them for having the courage to actually go for it.

I won't be answering, but good luck anyways!


It's a bit crass, but more cost-effective than JDate for all concerned.

Points for originality, at least.


To bad my white single gf is into 20-something urban black guys (who treat her like crap) other wise i'd give this guy her info.

Lisa Jablonsky

He's cute. I'd do him, but that's not saying much because I kinda dig Tom Cruise in that "I wanna be brainwashed and impregnated with L Ron' sperm kinda way.

Anyways, I was trying to post on that pic with Tater Tot's nipples (cant believe I just typed that) and somehow I got here instead.

Tell Tater hello.




Interesting, but the part that sticks out the most- he likes baking. I don't know any single guys that are into baking. I know some of the worlds best chefs are men, but somehow a baker man is not really an aphrodisiac for me.
Don't get me wrong, if my husband could've whipped up a batch of cookies while I was pregnant I would've been all over him, but while we were dating I would've thought it a bit fruity. I say he should keep that under wraps for now.


I have never seen a man look more like Tom Cruise and Jason Schwartzman at the same time.

I don't think it's desperate--the Internet is a resource and people should use it for all it's worth. Good use of it guy.

Thanks for the info, Bean. I think I may try him for one of my friends actually!


He's got the height thing in common with Tom Cruise as well.


Ah! Thanks, Bean! Dave is great. I vote ballsy. I encourage interested parties and those with potentially-interested friends to contact him asap. Maybe you'll get a batch of cookies out of it....


He isn't bad looking.


In the words of that great mafioso capo Anthony Soprano...."He's a faggggg!"

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