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May 03, 2008


brother john

I couldn't agree with you more about keeping gov't out of medical decision between doctors and patients. That's why I can't understand the irrational support "single payer" health care gets. If you think the gov't is too involved now wait until they hold all the purse strings.


I'm with you on this. Why can a doctor prescribe morphine but not pot? The politics at play here are mindboggling. . .

Can you also add no level of government gets to decide what medical procedures a doctor can discuss with his patient?


Bean, great blog post!!! Poor man!!!


Now, that's just crazy (and sad). People, committees especially, are pathetic with the rules they make up in order to deny people medical assistance.


Amen, brother. I totally agree. And let me know when you'll be running things so I can prepare.

Vic Rattler

That new law of yours in asinine, there's nothing wrong with legally regulating doctors. However, it should be based on science rather than morality, and this case shows why.


@ brother john: I pay through the nose (and several other orifices, it seems) for private insurance, and I'm still subject to the whims of my HMO and their desire to make as much money off of me as possible. If my treatment options could theoretically be restricted either way, then I'd rather go with the scheme that doesn't cost me about a third of my net monthly income.

Bean, I'm with you. Just be aware that I'm planning to start running things in 2020.


So won't put him on the list cuz he's easing the pain from his damaged liver by using pot......but if you healed him with a new liver he wouldn't use pot!!! WHERE IS THE LOGIC?! oh that's right we live in of idiocracy!!

ps. funny movie....Idiocracy that is...with Luke Wilson....good for a complete waste of time!


"No level of government gets to decide what a doctor can and can not prescribe to his patients."

When I am LOPE (Leader of Planet Earth) I will do the same thing.


"No level of government gets to decide what a doctor can and can not prescribe to his patients."

Government regulation is necessary but, as with all thing, with moderation and common sense.

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