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May 09, 2008



Tater Tot Fridays are better now than when I was in middle school! Have a groovy weekend.


Love and Rockets, Tater Tot!!!

Sketchbook by chris

Every Friday I check in, and every Friday, I am amazed. That is one ugly dog. But, it makes you happy so...

cathy g

tater makes my fridays tater-iffic!

have a fantastic weekend!!!

Glen Quagmire

YAWN @ these Friday pics. Same dog, same expression, same, same, same!!! We've seen this dog before, over and over.

Your little girlie-fanatics are the only ones who get all giggley over them.



i know a lot of english bulldogs are named either winston or churchill. but that last photo of the girl really does look like winston churchill.


The bottom dog looks like Hulk Hogan.

I still say you are so lucky that tater lives by a cool beach to take nice walks on


tater has THE sweetest smile ever!

have a good weekend bean, donna and your menagerie of fabulous babies!!!


I love Tater Tot!!!

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