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May 02, 2008



Lobbing some healing energy to Betsy.


My bulldog does the same thing with the ball we got him. But, if he gets tired of chasing the ball, he will just hover over the ball and drool all over it while making a weird heavy breathing sound.

Best of wishes to Betsy


I do hope Betsy has a speedy recovery!!! Poor baby!!! As for Ms. Tater Tot, she's fabulous as always!!!


Betsy, you have someone who cares enough to read to you, straighten up and fly right girl! Best wishes for a speedy & full recovery.


I love the photo of Donna and Betsy enjoying quiet time together


Poor Betsy. I hope she gets well soon so she can get out and play with the other cows. Just out of curiosity, what sort of books does Betsy enjoy?


you and donna are such awesome pet parents... how wonderful that betsy has been given a second chance at a happy life - i hope you guys are successful in bringing her health around ASAP...

and you must always do as tater says... tater knows BEST!

your wife

betsy update. she's eating this morning. apples and alfalfa, and she's a little feisty, headbutting her mom and all. she did finish her stories, oscar wilde's "the happy prince" and "the remarkable rocket", and moved on to the golden books: "the pokey little puppy" "the saggy baggy elephant" and "the tawny scrawny lion", the ending of which caused her to moo non stop for about two minutes. she's quite the critic.
thanks for all the positive thoughts. i think she is going to be great in another week.


Glad to hear Betsy is having a pro active day. Our prayers are with her. We hope to meet her in July... kimmy

Rob P

bean - you and donna rock so hard! the pets are sure lucky to be part of your family - hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.


You and your wife have a the biggest hearts when it comes to your animals. I'd admire that so much.

That's one lucky cow.


When I come back in my next life, I want to be a dog or a cow, but only if I can belong to Bean and Donna.

{{{{{Healthy energy}}}}} for Betsy, for continued healing.


get well, lovely betsy!!



I wish nothing but health to Betsy. You and Donna are the best parents ever! Your love for animals speaks volumes as to the type of people you are. I still think about Hey all the time. I've always wanted a farm with all those animals. I still want a farm, I guess I need to leave the evil place to seek my dream. Anyway, I love updates about your animals on your blog. Betsy is beautiful just like Hey was Handsome.

Please keep us posted on Betsy.


Sending warm wishes and happy thoughts Betsy's way. Hope she feels better soon!

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