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May 22, 2008


brother john

I just hope that address isn't the new headquarters of the Association of Pissed Off Ninjas.
Years ago the consumer protection folks used to run a PSA that said if a company sends you something you didn't order you can keep it and don't have to pay for it no matter how many bills they send you. I always thought that they were giving people the wrong impression that you own whatever shows up on your doorstep.
BTW, Postmaster John "Sweet Jack" Potter never seems to be around when the Ninjas show up. Coincidence?


Good luck and I hope you bring down the full fury of the USPS down on the people who dared do this to you!


I worked at a commercial mail receiving place
and was appalled that the owner told me to let mail sit there for weeks before he'd let me put the RETURN TO SENDER stamp on it.

I was told they only do that once a month.
I quit working there because I wasn't cool with how they handled people's mail.


I'm interested in what you were mailing to NAMBLA in the first place.

Would it be easier to just try again with THE CORRECT SHIPPING ADDY ? If you go back to step 1 this is pretty much all your fault.


Which dead guy?


So I guess I would fall under the nice guy category. I've had a P.O. Box address for the past twenty years and prior to that it belonged to B of A. To this day I still get mail addressed to them. I go over to the teller and with this ongoing joke, B of A; yup
B of A.


Perhaps your new friend's company could:

1. Update their website (or whatever it was) where you found the outdated address; and

2. Given that people searching the web are likely to find an outdated address, keep a change of address notice on file with the Post Office

I'm just sayin' . . .


Which dead guy?... Have you never seen The Breakfast Club, Ken?

Although I did not know Paul Gleason was dead. So thank you for that tidbit of information.

Vic Rattler

If you don't start to walk away then go "oh! Sorry, one more question ma'am...,"
then you're not bring Colombo action. And I'm assuming you know how to do the thing with the eyes.


I'm confused Bean, how is the mail misdelivered, if it was received at the address you intended to ship it to? It's not their fault you sent it to them, maybe you put the wrong name on the package, thus it is their property now. I would think it would be difficult to hold this up in court when the post office didn't misdeliver the mail...


ha your passion is great. i am totally guilty of keeping crap that comes to my house. we have had numerous tenants before i finally moved back in. their mail kept coming & people who i have never even rented to! i know its a federal offense but really dont order stuff and not give the right address and or get a forward on it. i know this was not your case, but who knows maybe the person who has it was lagging in sending it back. ive see this happen. i dont keep letters though but packages oh yes!
cant wait to see what happens.

Sunny Days

Give'em hell, Bean!!!!!


I am the "once-famous now dead-guy's" widow and I must say the way you worded that was kinda insensitive...just sayin'...


I forgot the guy from Breakfast Club was dead. Bummer. I also wondered, when you said that the 13 Coins got remodeled, what it looked like. Does it still have those huge bar chairs that completely envelop you so you don't have to look at the people sitting next to you?


I am also annoyed with USPS. I love stationary and mail and like to send cards to friends/family the old way occasionally. While I received a return to sender saying my letter was too small to send! I sent multiple cards all the same size, but only have received one returned. Which makes me wonder, was the post office who returned the one card lazier/meaner than the rest or all my cards just lost now in USPS purgatory? Plus, the difference between accepted size and my size is less than 1/4 inch give me a break!

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