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May 30, 2008



Just too cute!! Thanks for starting the weekend off right! (the pups DO look look like Churchill, we can pair them up with the "Cats that look like Hitler" website!)


You know, as cute as they are, acc. to the article, they require 24 hr. care the first three weeks. And how much $$ do they go for? I just can't help think of all the poor dogs at the shelter waiting for adoption; it seems like there's already too many dogs so why purposely breed more?


hi bean -
great shot of tater tot! i have boston terriers - i share the love.
i wanted you to know that yesterday i mailed my thick, 12 inch long, blond ponytail to locks of love. thank u for posting their website on your blog. please thank your wife for such a lovely idea.
have a great week end. kisses to tater tot!
oh p.s., what's with all the typos on your blog lately? it used to be perfect, but ever since the "word" series, it's gotten so sloppy....


Tater looks lovely as usual! Hope you, Donna, Tater & all the criters have a great weekend.

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