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May 26, 2008



I never broke apart this nursery rhyme before but kudos for doing it!

Being that it was written in 1728 (didn't know that), who knew that they had markets or roast beef back then. Thanks for the fact!


How funny, I was singing this song to my niece last week and realized I never truly thought about the words to the song. Poor Piggies!!!


It's always a little odd when you realize how many of these nursery rhymes cover topics you would NEVER like to bring up to a small child - such as the ones that deal with the plague. My confusion was always why my toes were being called Piggies in the first place.


When I was a kid, my nursery rhyme book pictured the first little piggy as getting all dressed up to go to the market - wearing a little polka-dotted dress and a hat with little flowers on it, and carrying a purse. She was obviously going to do some shopping. Shame on you, Bean, for trying to make me think of anything different for that line!!!!


Leave it to you Bean to point this out. I'll never be able to hear a nursery rhyme the same way ever again. Great. Scarred for life.

Vic Rattler

This OLD MAN, he played one
He played knick-knack on my thumb (?!)
With a knick-knack paddywhack,
Give your dog a BONE
This old man CAME rolling home

Chris Hansen wants to know what that old man is doing here. And you don't want to know where he played 8.


Oh! I forgot about Hamsammich, best name in the world for a piggie.


Sunday I had the eye opening experience of watching the movie Fast Food Nation. Monday was my first day as a vegetarian and I was telling my husband all about the animals you have and showing him old pictures on your blog. Imagine my delight at this post! Thanks for making my day...


I find my self pausing frequently as I try to tell my two-year-old daughter stories and nursery rhymes from memory. The wolf eats grandma, then eats Red Riding Hood, then the woodsman cuts the wolf open with an axe. That's three pauses in that one story as I think, "is this something I really want to say to a tiny little girl as she's going to bed?" No wonder we have nightmares. Our parents were trying to terrify us.


Are you a herbivore or carnivore? This post got me thinking. I can eat a ham sammich all day long, but if I had to look into Hamsammich's eyes... Poor piggies indeed!

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