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May 23, 2008



Have a lovely weekend Tater Tot!

Dave W

You know I love you, and maybe this is envy talking, but how do you find the time to track down a package? Unless this book was a first edition, something special, the amount of money on gas and time to do all this it does not seem worth it. Good luck with it. I am thinking the book must be a rare Playboy in mint condition.


Five bucks says Pete and Ashlee think Hemingway wrote Romeo and Juliet.


Tater Tot rules the earth!!! Happy Friday!!!



P.S. Since you have so much time on your hands to physically hunt down this package, I'm thinking that maybe you should have just delivered it in person in the first place. What a waste of gas! Just replace the damn book, send it to the correct address and be done with it!


Hey Bean...I worked at the P.O. for 10 yrs. and let me tell you....the last thing they care about is the mail!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


It make take some time, but it may come back as undeliverable.


Don't forget to pay yourself 200 bucks a day
plus expenses. Go getem Jim. While your at it, get a haircut.


Good freaking luck finding out what the Post Office did with your package. My sister lost a package that was sent to me (my correct address), and 12 years later, neither of us have ever received it. But yeah, I'm sure you'll find your book. Keep working on it.

Rebecca on Bainbridge

That's a beautiful close up; but I do worry that overexposure might limit Tater Tot's otherwise promising career. Perhaps every once in a while we could have Sheep Sunday or Cow Tuesday instead? Just a suggestion. Have a great holiday weekend!

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