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June 02, 2008



I will never be as great a person as Mr. Rogers.

Sunny Days

Thanks for posting this, Bean. It makes you realize how few exceptionally good people there are in the world and how we should all strive to make ourselves better people.


Mr. Rogers did the one thing most of us need to do more of; not just lend and ear but truly listen.


In the time since I've read that article on Mental Floss, I've striven to be a little more like him and it's not easy to be good to the core like that. I don't think I'll ever achieve it, but thank you for one more life lesson, Mister Rogers.

Vic Rattler

Wow, that seems incredibly intrusive.
Hi, I've met you once and I'm going to be involved in the rest of your life, enjoy.


Thanks Bean! I must say my favorite is He Watched His Figure to the Pound!
So cute!!!

cathy g

every once in a while, i will come across mr. roger's on PBS and i love that show just as much as i did when i was a kid.

143, bean!

Kings Fan

Bean, you did tell us you were going to provide us with a nicer post after several dark ones. The content was nice... but it was still about someone who's DEAD. I'm just saying...

Edmund F

Besides all those fun facts, did you hear that Fred Rogers was in Vietnam and shot a bunch of people. Funny you haven't heard of that.

Jamie McD

Thank you for your post about Mr. Rogers. I watched his show religiously when I was young, and know many of the songs he wrote/sung on the show - even to this day. One song, "F-R-I-E-N-D Special" ensured that I never misspelled "friend".

I have a toddler now and I TiVO reruns of Mr. Rogers (as he said so many years ago - we need to watch the episodes as a family!). My son is mesmerized by him and the show. He has a way of talking through the camera and to the individual - like you and he are the only ones in the room.

He was one of a kind - we are a better world because of him.


i was born and raised about 10 miles from his family home. we always got a kick out of knowing he was from our neck of the woods.


i am such an ass.
thanks jerk.


With all the amazing and cool facts about Mr. Rogers, it just blows my mind that the forward idiots out there keep sending the same false crap around year after year. Why can't they send something actually true and informative? Oh wait, the forward monkeys aren't exactly the brightest of the bunch.

Benjamin Wagner

Meeting Mister Rogers on the eve of my 30th birthday certainly changed MY life. My brother and I are in post-production on a documentary ("Mister Rogers & Me") that explores that, as he said, "There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person."

Julius Marx

you can actually see his address to congress and them giving him the money on the YouTubes. It's a killer!

I just can't believe that someone in this day and age can make a 6 min speech to jaded, greedy congressmen and actually change their mind.
Fred was one in a million. He gave the commencement speech for my class when I graduated Graduate School. He was the only reason I showed up.

Julius Marx

Um... when I said "Congress" in my previous post, I meant the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog commenting...


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