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June 12, 2008



Animals know.
Never doubt this.

Christine V

What a great story Bean! I love your animal photos...


brother john

Crazy? Maybe, maybe not. There are too many stories like this to discount the possibility out of hand. I believe humans are hard wired to look for meaning and explanations for the world around them. This often causes them to attribute cause and effect to random incidents. That said, there is more we don’t know about these types of things than most of us would like to admit.


When my Aunt passed three years ago, her dog hid under my Grandmas bed for a whole day. Usually this dog is out running around with everyone at the house.

For sure animals know

Resilient Rabbit

Of course Betsy can feel her friend's loss and that certainly would explain both her lethargy and lack of appetite (especially if the vet can't spot any other obvious cause). Interesting to hear that the change in hay mix helped -- good thinking! (BTW, found a great article on the history of Timothy hay and why Washington state is one of the best producers of timothy hay in the world -- you might find this interesting:

Edith sounds like a fascinating woman who was blessed with a very full and meaningful life. I'm sure she greatly appreciated the care and comfort that you and Donna have provided for Betsy.

Good luck with caring for her. Our family will keep Betsy in our prayers.


Animals are very intuitive. That's one of the reasons I don't eat them.

Resilient Rabbit

Oops. Link to that critical hay article posted incorrectly. Sorry. Here it is again, for all of you fans of timothy hay! :-)


Bean, I love your blog! And I don't think you're crazy ... Of course Besty knew. You strengthen my resolve to not eat our animal friends and I find myself daydreaming about when I get to have a boatload of farm animals as pets.


Very interesting post Bean!! I bet they're somehow connected...

John P

There is no doubt in my mind that Betsy knew. It happened in reverse for me: I woke up in a cold sweat one morning after having a terrible dream that my pet dachshund had just died. He was staying at my parents house at the time. It nagged me all day, but I figured it to be only a dream. A call from my mom later that day confirmed that it wasn't.


Animals are so much more intuitive and perceptive than humans. They don't worry themselves with the nonsensical stuff that consumes our lives so they can focus on the important things: friends, fun and food. The animals blogs are my favorite!


Wow that is very interesting and seems as though they could be related. Best wishes for Betsy's speedy recovery!


There's plenty of room for all God's creatures..... Right next to the mashed potatoes.


Did you hear about that Cat at an Alzheimer's Facility on the east coast that will go to the bed of a dying patient and sit with them until they pass? Usually within 4 hours or more? The Cat has been "so dead on" accurate (sorry for the pun) that the facility now calls family members when the cat takes a liking to one of the patients!

Yes, I believe there is a coincidence!


Here is a link to the story about that cat!

cathy g

How sad for Betsy. I am sure she is feeling the loss of Edith.

I remember when my grandmother passed, her dog kept running to the door as if she was looking for her and would sit in my grandmother's fave spot on the couch... we knew that she was waiting for my grandma.

I also remember when she (the dog) passed and i took comfort in the thought that they were finally back together.


I enjoy the petting zoo posts.


Like Mulder, I WANT to believe. But I don't. These examples of animals (and humans) having amazing extrasensory intuitive powers are really examples of humans having very selective memories and a strong desire to find order in the world.

We conveniently forget the 999 times our cow/dog/hamster/grandma gets sick/looks sad/freaks out/has a weird dream - and nothing else happens. Instead, we recall the 1 time Ol' Bessie/Spot/Mr. Fluffernutter/Granny acted weird around the same time something else weird happened. Then we insist the two things are related. They're not.


I wish I could have a pet cow. Probably wouldn't go over so well in my condo, considering I'm upstairs and all. Supposedly animals can predict earthquakes too. We should listen to them more.


Great story Bean. I know of a woman who had 3 dogs. She got cancer. She said one day that when she died the dog she was closest to was going to go with her. The woman ended up dying. The next day the dog she spoke of was found dead. 6 months to the day, the second of her 3 dogs pass away. Soon is coming up on 1 year...We will see


Hard to say for sure if there's anything to your theory or not - I know animals sense it when their humans pass on when they're nearby, like in the same house - I've seen that happen - but I'm more skeptical when there's more physical distance.

In any case, I'd hate to see you attribute all of Betsy's health troubles to this, because if there is a real medical cause, I'd hate for you to regret overlooking it as "one of those things". I'm glad she's feeling a little better for now, but don't put off that trip Oregon State - keep an eye on her.


Animals are totally more sensitive to things of that matter. That was a really cool story, Bean.


i love your blog! i think you are very correct in saying they are still connected. although, i do hope besty starts feeling better soon.

Art Vandelay

You'll appreciate this story of this piglet with mysophobia. The irony of the story is that the owners run a sausage company.


bean, you are 100% spot-on with this. don't let anybody try to tell you that animals are not connected with their loved ones in this way. they suffer with grief just like the rest of us when their those they love die. i hope betsy gets better soon. she is SUCH a pretty girl.


All the best to Betsy. I absolutely believe she knew.

Again you and Donna have given a loving and deserving animal a wonderful forever home...thanks for being so caring.

Vic Rattler

Due to it for some reason locking my computer up I've missed some blog days. I feel compelled to comment on this old entry, mostly because everyone commented on the animal aspect, typical for this blog sadly.

I saw notice of the passing of Ms. Williams on the news and took in a snippet of a speech in which she talked proudly of the RNC being a party that brings people together, and the bobblehead on TV said she worked actively with black, latino, and other minorities in the political process. Making me wonder; Huh? There are two Republican Parties!? Wow.
My confusion is less now reading that she descended from ol' TR, a great President, true progressive, and one heeeellll of a model American. Too bad she won't be around to speak softly to McCain and, when he leans down to hear, bash him over the head with the big stick.
Jeez this went long.

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