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June 15, 2008



That Tater!! He's got a great life!! Happy Father's Day, Bean! You deserve a warm one!


What a great view!!! Lucky!


Spectacular view!

Emily Alexis

And that Bean, would be the number 1 thing I do NOT miss about living in Washington!


That view is breathtaking. I'm jealous. BTW, it's in the 80's & 90's in the Bad Place.

your daughter

happy father's day =)


Yeah, my mom came down to the Bad Place from WA state yesterday and said it was in the 40s when she headed to the airport that morning.

Great photo of Tater!


Dude , Did your secret daughter wish you a happy fathers day?....and cut down those trees, they're blockin' the view!


I think we broke heat records almost every day last week in Eastern NC. So suck it, Mr. It's only in the 50s in WA.

On a less snarky note, wonder how our counterparts in the southern hemisphere are doing? Do you think their weather is as wacky for the seasons as ours is?


you can blame al gore and his global warming campaign for the heat in alaska and siberia


Dude, you and tater should come live in my apartment in Van Nuys for a week and tell me how sad you are about your nice, chilly weather up there. I'd trade with you ANY day.


And you call L.A. the "bad place"?

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