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June 11, 2008



Bean-your sheep are very pretty and I envy you for being able to keep and maintain livestock. Your little (and not so little) animal friends are very lucky to have you and Donna.


Marsha clearly is a pro! I Hope the wool is spun into some yarn? As I recall, you previously posted a photo of Tater with a blanket knit from your sheep's wool?


Boy, did they need a haircut!!!


Dems some mighty clean lookin' sheeps. Yessir, mighty clean indeed.


Do you have them sheared this time of year because summertime is coming up or does the time of year have nothing to do with it?


Is it just me, or do Philip and Elizabeth rather resemble their namesakes?! Maybe if Elizabeth had a hat ... Hmmmm.


Thanks for making my day so much brighter!


Did you have three bags full?? (Sorry, sometimes they're just for me.)


Did you get sheared too??


I saw a sheep shearing demonstration when I was at Sheep World in NZ (I highly recommend it!). They say the sheep aren't that smart, but I can tell you they REALLY didn't seem to be enjoying the shearing. Gotta be done, though. Your sheep look nice and neat now!

Jennifer W.

what do you do with all that wool?


i was waiting to hear what you do with the left over hair. oh well maybe in another post you can show us your sheep fur underpants.


So when are we going to be able to get some awesome wool blankets from the sheep???

Seriously, you guys should have blankets made and then, as loyal readers of your blog, you can have a contest on who should get a blanket.... That would be awesome!!!

me! =)

Rebecca on Bainbridge

Seems that the least you could do would be to provide these newly-shorn beauties with some dark sunglasses till their eyes adjust to the non-wool-filtered glare.

They look much happier, to be sure, but I would miss the overstuffed pillow look. Something about it makes me laugh every time.


Get the wool spun into yarn and send it to me. I'll make the blanket. I need something to keep me busy while I wait for my call from the Obama VP search committee anyway.


is it wrong for me to be aroused by this?


i bet they feel MUCH better after getting rid of all that wool. good job, marsha!


I hope Marsha sheared off your gay pigtails, too, since she was already there...


What do you do (or what does Marsha do) with the wool?


Does Marsha do cats?

Cynthia Fluharty

Umm... Philip seems more "modest" in his pose than Elizabeth... do you think that is a reflection on the "real" E & P?


HAHAHAHAHA! I love the "before" and "after" shots. This reminds me, my husband needs a haircut.


at first glance at those pictures its scary until you realize what they are doing... very nice looking sheep


I remember watching the sheep being sheared at my Great Grandmothers farm and being told not to go in with the sheep. After the shearing was done and everyone left I immediately jumped in with the sheep. I ended up being rammed by one and was not able to tell anyone why I was crying because I knew I would be in trouble.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane- OUCH!

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