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June 27, 2008



Tater Tot just turned my frown upside down!

Welcome home Betsy, wishing you a speedy recovery.


This is definitely my favorite shot of the Tot to date! :-)


Bulldogs seem to be the mascot of choice. I teach at a school that has Bulldogs as their mascot and I know of many others that do too. Must be because of Tater Tot!


Glad to hear that Betsy is on the mend. Thanks for keeping us up to date on her progress. As far as Tater Tot is concerned, that's the way I hope to spend this weekend! Have a great weekend!


so glad betsy is back home with her family - hope the antibiotics do the trick!


Joy indeed! Great photo!

My cousin was a Vice Dean at Mississippi State (Bulldogs) a few years ago. She has since retired. She and her ex-husband owned the "official" school mascot Bulldog named Fumbles. He had his own cook and his own checking account. They had a second Bulldog to keep Fumbles company named Butterfly.

As I hear it (as I rarely keep in touch with this cousin) they went through quite a custody battle over the bulldogs during their divorce a few years ago. A bulldog is such a perfect mascot I think.

cathy g

what a great way to start the weekend...

great news on betsy. sending her healing thoughts.

thanks bean for making fridays special!


Awesome picture of Tater Tot and so glad to hear about Betsy! I hope her antibiotics do the trick!!


The very cute bulldog that is Georgia's mascot died sadly this weekend....RIP Uga :(

michelle k

bean seriously you need to enter that photo of tater tot in some kind of contest or gallery! that is the raddest picture ever.

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