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June 09, 2008



You really think "maybe" for Love Guru? That movie looks terrrrrrrrrrible. (Is that the proper way to drag out the word 'terrible'?) Lots of other clunkers on that list as well, but that's one movie that I'll go to my grave having never seen. And I'll be a better corpse for it.


The NBA finals =Pure Comedy !


Right On, BEAN!!!


Re: MAC vs PC, have you seen the TrueNuff parodies?

Good stuff.


You say maybe to Love Guru, but no to Hulk and Hellboy 2? What type of drugs are you taking up there in WA?


Why no love for Hell Boy 2? Directed by one of my favorite Mexican Directors..Guillermo del already are a patron of Mexican art, I think you should support it's directors as well...just sayin.


I agree with Chad: I'd see Zohan before Love Guru ANY DAY... One good movie that has slipped under the radar, I mean I don't even think it made it to the theaters in my little town of Bellingham... stars Winona Ryder.. WINONA RYDER, PEOPLE!!!!! and it has the guys from MYTHBUSTERS and METALLICA and someone from That 70s Show and the story is based on real tales from THE DARWIN AWARDS. It's called, amazingly enough, The Darwin Awards and I would run, not walk, to your local movie rental shop and watch it.

I will most likely be seeing hell boy 2 as well. I can understand why people might not be inclined to see it, but I did enjoy the previous hellboy movie and I'm curious what else they'll do. It might not be great, but I'll see it anyway.

drink it up

The NBA commercials are classic. Did anyone notice that the players BLINK at the same time? Wicked Clever!


I saw a trailer yesterday for Love Guru...I actually laughed out loud - I'll wait for the DVD mind you, but Mike Myers' movies kinda grow on you, I didn't think Austin Powers was funny at all, now I think it's hilarious - either my taste is changing or I've had a stroke.

Fred G

Are those the commercials I missed when I switched over to ESPN to see the Cubs vs. Dodgers?

PS. I vote maybe on Hell Boy 2.


Bean, you forgot the commercial for the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight=Hells Yeah!


count me in on Hellboy 2 too. you're missing out.


But I kinda DO care who the Mole is!! And I thought that whole "flash it for just a second" idea was a good one!!... don't you remember the subliminal advertising of the 60s where they wrote sexy words on the ice cubes in magazine ads? Anyway, it worked on us and we're watching "The Mole"!

Frank Murphy

I used to think that the Allstate commercials were targeted to a guy named Stan. At the end of every spot, President Palmer would say, "That's Allstate, Stan."


The MAC/PC commercials are the ONLY commercial I will sit through. I love the NBA's playoff campaign also.

Vic Rattler

#5. Dayton and Faris? Cool!
But they don't hold a candle to the early 90's ESPN Hockey Night black and white playoff commercials.

Also, your blog has been freezing up my computer and I've missed a few, so I wanted to add that there is an error in the 'Wonderful Life' entry. Mr. Potter is alive and well and currently serving as Vice President (wouldn't ya love to have Clarence show you how things would be had he died young? Just sayin'.)


The key to watching live sports with a DVR is to start watching it about 30 minutes late. That way you rewind to the beginning, and can fast forward during the commercials! God, I hate live TV!

By the way, glad to find you again! Your blog was sorely missed!

John E

I think that movie "Wanted" (with Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, et al) looks way worse to me than any of the other movies you mentioned. Please tell me that nobody will go watch this recycled-for-the-umpteenth-time piece of drivel.


Bean, how dare you sir! The Mole is awesome, though I do think the best ones were when Anderson Cooper was the host.

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