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June 24, 2008


Kings Fan

Awesome pictures, Bean. I don't have the patience to go through the pictures on that site, so I'm happy you take the time and effort to do it for us. Remind me again what the hell Steve Guttenberg ever did that warrants him reacting that way to a photographer.


Twenty years from now, our children will look at those pix of W at the Naval Academy graduation and wonder how a cartoonish tard ever reached the presidency.


Cameraman- "Hello Mr. Guttenberg. What have you done since Three Men and a Little Lady?"

Frank Murphy

Is it just me or did the Guttenberg photos look totally staged?


A couple o' things – first off, my kid wondered seven years ago, how did a cartoonish tard make it to the presidency and everyone knows Canada is America’s hat…


The chart of health with introduction of bacon is from one of the greatest sites ever, Go there for some awesome goodness. If you wonder where the domain comes from it is because it makes no sense.

cathy g

that third picture just disturbs me....what is it??

thanks for sharing


There are two that caught my eyes. The Jabba the Hut one (only because I am a fan of the old(er) Star Wars Trilogoy - is that a photo of the wherehouse where they keep the Jabba puppet? Sorry it that sounds ignorant.
Secondly, "The Map According to Americans" - yes, its true. I have done some traveling and basically not only is that how Americans (at least it seems the majority of) perceive the world and how the world perceives how Americans view it is exactly correct. Its really sad when people from other parts of the world know more about American history/events than Americans themselves.
Granted I am not perfect, I know in Grade School they taught us about The Revolutionary Wars, WWII, etc., but it seems as a whole we tend to think we are all that and a bucket of KFC chicken. The comedian Eddie Izzard had a line in one of his comedy shows stating, "remember Rome..." and left it at that.
Not to be anti-American, but history will play us out as just another "Rome" in the continuum of time.
We where here, we conquered (but, not like the Romans did), and then, almost over night, we vanished into obscurity leaving behind monuments and scrolls/documents.
I would expand more, but I don't want to go on anymore, I tend to just ramble (as you can tell) ;) - take care, and keep it groovy!



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