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June 06, 2008



I had no idea Tater Tot was the new Sleeping Beauty!


Interesting list. I don't agree with some of the dogs, who are listed as dumb!


You have two in the top five if I'm not mistaken. Donna's the only one keeping your household on the bright side of the bell curve.


Basenjis were rated the second dumbest breed, and as the proud owner of a sweet, loving, affectionate basenji mix, I can't really disagree.


what about Dalmatians...i've met quite a few who were dumber than door knobs!!!! and where are the terriers? where is their representation?

Bogus list


I own a very smart Basset hound... he certainly knows how to get treats from Mommy and Daddy with just one look!

I just wonder what the criteria for smartest dog was like. I don't have a lot of experience with different dogs, but I wonder if maybe the placement was a little subjective.


Oh crap. My dog is on the dumb list.
I still love her anyway.

cathy g.

what does CBS this morning know???

absolutely amazing picture of tater. bean, you are seriously one of the best photographers i know...

amen! to the weekend. i thought it would never get here.


Beautiful shot of the Tot.

They missed a dumb breed... Irish Setters are DUH-mb.

drink it up


my golden doodle (half standard poodle - half golden retriever) kicks the crap out of all your stupid dogs.



The "smart" test for dogs usually involves trainability. So stubborn or aloof dogs are often rated as less smart because they are harder to train. That accounts for the prevalance of hounds among the least "smart" dogs.
To Liz, Dalmatians can be very smart or very dumb, depending on the breeder/lineage. Too many were bred when those movies came out. We had one who was very smart.


I REJECT that smart/dumb list!!! I used to have a very, very intelligent Basenji, as well as a very smart (albeit lazy) Beagle. And if poodles are so smart, then why do they allow themselves to look so idiotic?? IMHO, the smartest dogs are mutts. Sorry, Bean, as adorable as the Tot is, mutts rule all.

If trainability is truly the criteria used for this list, then that explains why it's so, so wrong. A smart dog trains its humans, not the other way around.


movies? what movies? What movies were out when Dalmatians were in abundance?! I just knew those that were purebred were not of the "smart" concept.


This is my first time checking out your blog, bean- and i always hear everyone giving you crap about tater tot. But, for once, I'm on your side! I never knew Tater was a bulldog! She's almost as cute as mine!

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