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June 28, 2008



Bean, you are a nut.


DUDE JONES SODA ROCKS wtf are you talking about?!?!? I have the Hard candy (Fufu Berry flavor) in my purse as we speak!! This stuff is not new, it's been around for like 8 years!!! Maybe you should stick to Jones Juice instead of the sweet soda!

2 Christmases ago I received a Holiday Pack of 5 or 6 "PIE" flavored, Key Lime, Cherry, Blueberry, Banana Cream, Apple, etc....Some were good, some were not so good.

I'm just sayin....i'll always be a fan!!!


hah. A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of buying some Jones Cream Soda, because I used to like cream soda. Not anymore. It completely ruined my taste. I drank one and had no choice but to throw the rest out. What horrible misery in a bottle that was. I wish I could find some Snapple Apple though. Nobody stocks it around here. That stuff is heavenly.

Dean Lamborn

You should just stick to the Jones Soda favorites:

"In 2004, Jones Soda teamed up with two excellent children charities to promote its limited edition holiday pack.
This pack contained five new seasonal flavors which included: Green Bean Casserole Soda, Mashed Potato & Butter Soda, Fruitcake Soda, Cranberry Soda and Turkey & Gravy Soda."


The first time I ever noticed the existence of the Jones sodas, it was the holiday pack mentioned here. There mere thought of a "turkey and gravy" soda was enough to turn my stomach - I thought it was a joke, like that horrid gum that kids used to give to each other as a joke, just to see the looks on their faces when they bit into it.

I've never tried the Jones sodas, and that one thought will keep me away forever. What jerk comes up with crap like that?


I would have a Jones soda any day over the food and drinks we received on the flight home from Italy earlier today.


The cream soda is for the jones' brand fans...
I don't like it
I dig the green colored sodas from them
But with that said
Its american for any company to make a product that no one likes
On the chance they do they become closet drinkers lol


Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream soda is the best soda on the market.

Here ya go:

little anna

my boyfriend loves the candy corn flavored soda that comes out at halloween. it's pretty nasty.

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