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June 13, 2008



That blanket looks so soft...and tater looks so comfy


FYI: The Matz (as Adam Sandler called her) and she also died during surgery (this information came from Adam himself on a video message).


In my next life I'd certainly want to come back as one of your dogs and not Adam's... two dogs, two surgeries, two dead...too weird.

Erick V

Casting any suspicion on Adam Sandler's humanity is unacceptable? Haven't you seen Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish or Reign O'er Me? In his defense, aren't Bulldogs prone to chronic breathing problems and other congenital diseases?


i would have suspected suicide.


Wow, two young dogs dead in just a few years...geez, it's not that hard to keep a dog alive. Is he getting his dogs from puppy mills or something???


This is off topic, Bean, but I thought this was something you would want to see, regarding Pluto:


It's not just the faux fur that's making me wonder, but why is Tater reclining on faux fur and surrounded by all that glowing pink light? Has she been kidnapped by Barry White?

Cindy Peters

Will someone please tell Adam to take his dogs to a new vet? Brachycephalic dogs (pushed-in faces like Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingeses, Japanese Chins, Boston Terriers) need special care during anesthesia. You would think after he lost the first one that he would have found a new vet. Vets cannot take the trach tube out too soon or the trachea collapses and the dog dies post-surgery. He needs to find a vet that understands these breeds. Very sad and shouldn't have happened.


Another thought: maybe it wasn't due to something the vet did or didn't do--perhaps both bulldogs were from the same breeder and each had the same genetic heart problem? It's just so sad to hear of young dogs dying. I hope their new pet lives a long, full life. It's always hard to lose a pet, but even more difficult when it's unexpected and so young. Long live Tater Tot!

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