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June 19, 2008



WOW those are weird stories!

I HOPE someone is tracking that woman as she sails. Or that someone is with her or you might have more than a human foot flow up.

Poor doggy


The severed feet are from Hillary's limbless brother who is a surprisingly good swimmer, his name, Bob.


If the feet weren't severed, what the hell happened?


"She declined to speculate if foul play was involved."

Um, hello, SIX feet, all righties in running shoes, and NO other body parts found??? What are the odds??? Shoddy policework, if you ask me. Damn Canadians.


I applaud Ms Lister's new found freedom. She has already sailed the English channel and around the Isle of Wight.

Now completely around England.

The modifications to the sailboat had to be fantastically expensive. Sophisticated electronics and servo gear to make puffs and sucks operate everything.

Hilary and her family are VERY good fundraisers.
Too bad the money doesn't go to something worthwhile.


Wow, Dean, I hope you're kidding. You probably would argue against space exploration as well. That woman makes me feel like a complete slob.


Maybe I'm too close to the subject, but all I can think of when reading about that woman sailing solo is 1) How will she change her diaper, 2) How will she feed herself? and 3) What is it sinks?



I wonder if any of the feet belong to Jimmy Hoffa? Or maybe D.B. Cooper? This could be a real clue.
Also, it appears they are all the right foot, it should be easy for the cops they just need to search for a guy with two left feet.


I think it's worth mentioning to American readers that the 2.1 that woman received at Oxford is the equivalent of an A-/B+ on our system. In the American system a 2.1 would be barely passing, as a 2.0 is the minimum required to graduate at most universities.

So she in fact did very well. Good for her! :)

your daughter

dad, wtf is with the foot story? yucky. don't go to vancouver anytime soon!

so sad about the puppy. i always keep boo way far off the street, but you never know when some reckless driver will come out of nowhere.

Edmund F

I heard the sailing lady had another female friend with no arms and legs that also tried to break a few boating records. Unfortunately she was lost at sea when she hit strong winds. Her name…Gail.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dean, i agree: she's wealthy and wants to build that boat? go for it. she has to beg from others to raise the money to build her boat?

i must learn more about the found feet! so many questions!

omg, that dog story... absolutely tragic. i hope Ginger didn't linger in pain. i'm so sorry for your loss, Mr. Machin.

Sunny Days

It both sucks and blows to be Hilary Lister. I crack myself up.


The last foot is a hoax:

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